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What are the best electric car deals?

Electric cars are fast becoming the norm on UK roads – see how you can get the best deal when you switch

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What are the best electric car deals?

As electric vehicles (EVs) become the norm on UK roads, making the switch is something many of us are starting to consider.

Buying an EV doesn’t have to be expensive though – there are plenty of used electric cars on the market, and there’s the option to finance your EV too.

Purchasing a brand-new model straight from the dealer is likely to be the priciest way to get behind the wheel, but it does have its perks if you want the very latest model tweaked to your exact specification.

Take a look at our top picks for the best EV deals.


an orange mg4

The MG4 EV is an eye-catching model that’s available in some dramatic colours – notably, 'Fizzy Orange'.

This model gets up to 365 miles of electric range, with choices of an entry-level SE trim, SE Long Range, or the Trophy Long Range for the top mile range allowance.

It’s packed with tech too, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity.

Brand-new, an MG4 model will set you back from £26,995 for an SE model. You can choose to buy a used MG4 to make considerable savings, or there’s the option to choose Hire Purchase (HP) or Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) car finance.

Tesla Model 3

a dark blue Tesla Model 3 driving at sunset

The Tesla Model 3 is the first EV that springs into many motorists' heads when they think of electric power. It’s an iconic car that’s set to be a modern classic.

Its sleek but minimalistic styling appeals to a lot of people, while the interior is decked with bucketloads of tech.

The standard used Tesla Model 3 can cover up to 305 miles on a full charge, but the Long Range option extends that to 374 miles.

It’s on the pricier side when buying brand-new, but this does mean you can choose the exact specification of your car. You’re looking at prices from £42,990 for a new entry-level model.

Finance is also available on Tesla Model 3 options, even when buying used. On the used market, you can shave the cost down to closer to £27,500 for a 2020 model.

Jaguar I-Pace

a dark blue jaguar i-pace driving on a sunny country road

A Jaguar I-Pace is another great luxury choice that you can find for lower prices on the used market.

It’s got the typical look of a Jaguar car – smooth and sleek lines combined with sharp edges, making for a timeless design.

On a full charge, you can expect to cover up to 292 miles and can recharge in just over 12 hours with a 7kW charger. This is ideal for plugging in overnight and charging while you sleep.

A brand-new Jaguar I-Pace R-Dynamic HSE model starts at around £77,495 and gives you the option to build your own model to your exact tastes.

If you want to shave some of that price and you’re okay with a model that’s not quite as new, a used Jaguar I-Pace from 2020 on our site will cost around £28,950 and is available with PCP or HP finance.

Honda e

a dark grey honda e driving on a road in a city

The Honda e is a brilliantly quirky car that looks as if it’s stuck somewhere between the ‘70s and the present day – it's an eclectic mix of retro styling that many motorists will adore.

It has a smaller mile range than some other models on this list, but it’s really meant as a city car for casual drivers. A single charge will get you 140 miles, which will be more than enough for most people, and it’s quick to recharge.

On the used market, models start at around £23,450 for one of our refurbished used Honda models. This shaves a fair bit off the price of a new model, which starts at £37,395.

You can also choose a finance deal with a used or a new Honda e, spreading the cost into monthly payments.


A white BMW iX1 xDrive30

The BMW iX is an electric SUV that packs a punch. The styling is aggressive but still elegant, it’s packed with tech, and it’s seriously enjoyable behind the wheel.

You’ll get up to 380 miles of electric range in the Ultimate model, plus a 0-62mph statistic of 4.6 seconds – it’s an ideal way to cut back on fuel consumption without scrimping on power.

A brand-new BMW iX Sport model will set you back £69,905, and prices increase from there. With a fresh model straight from the BMW site, you can pick and choose the exact configuration of your car.

There are some brilliant used BMW iX models on the market, and these come with a more affordable price tag. For a 2022 model, you can expect to pay around £61,990 on our site, but this may differ depending on the cars on offer.

You can also choose to spread the cost of your car with a PCP or HP car finance deal, whether you choose brand-new or pre-owned.

Kia EV6

a dark red kia ev6 parked

The Kia EV6 is a fully-electric crossover that comes with the impressive seven-year Kia warranty if you buy it brand-new, making it one of the most reliable electric cars you can buy.

The EV6 can cover up to 328 miles on a full charge – more than enough for a comfortable week of driving. It can be boosted overnight too, boosting from 10-80% charge in 18 minutes with a fast charger.

There are options of all-wheel- or rear-wheel-drive models, with the all-wheel shaving off a few seconds with a 0-62mph time of 5.2 seconds.

Choosing a brand-new EV6 from the Kia site allows you to build your own model, but you’ll get a cheaper deal by buying pre-owned.

Our used Kia EV6 models usually start at around £41,095 for a 2022 model, but this will differ depending on the models on offer.

A PCP or HP finance deal can also help make costs more manageable. If you’re unsure whether you’ll want to commit to your EV6 long-term, PCP might be a good option.

Polestar 2

a grey/silver polestar 2 driving on a round surrounded by sand

The Polestar 2 is an all-electric five-door hatchback that prioritises a performance edge. There are options for rear-wheel- and all-wheel-drive powertrains, with a futuristic yet minimalist design.

You’ll be able to reach up to 406 miles on a full charge and can look forward to up to 475hp. There’s also a range of stunning colour options that include Magnesium White and Midnight Grey.

Choosing a brand-new model will let you pick the exact colourway you’re after, but a standard range single motor model starts at £44,950 on the Polestar site.

You can shave the cost down and choose a used Polestar 2 model, with prices around £37,950 for a used 2022 model on our site.

You can choose a PCP or HP finance deal on a Polestar 2 as well, enabling you to spread the cost with monthly payments.


a grey MG5 parked

The MG5 electric car is a classically-styled estate with plenty of tech packed in. You’ll enjoy safety features like the MG Pilot Advanced Driver System, which offers traffic jam assist, adaptive cruise control, and active emergency braking with pedestrian detection.

The SE Long Range model offers up to 250 miles of electric range, while the Trophy Long Range model offers 235 miles.

Brand-new, an SE Long Range model will set you back from £33,495 and can be customised to your specifications.

A used MG5 model is ideal for cutting costs, with our pre-owned options starting at prices around £25,310 for a 2022 model. These prices will differ depending on the models we have in stock.

You can also choose to spread the cost of an MG5 with a car finance deal, even if you choose to buy used. HP car finance allows you to pay a deposit and cover the rest of the costs with monthly payments.

Kia Niro

a white and black kia niro ev

The Kia Niro is available as a hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fully-electric vehicle, so you can choose how much you want to rely on electric power.

All the models in the range are impressive, with added tech like Highway Drive Assist and Remote Smart Parking topped off with slick styling.

The all-electric Niro model offers up to 285 miles of electric range, while the plug-in hybrid can cover up to 33 miles using just electric power.

A brand-new Niro EV starts at prices around £37,295 for the Long Range EV Automatic model, but prices go up from there.

A used Kia Niro 2022 model on our site will cost closer to £33,490, depending on the exact model you choose.

Finance is also available, making it easy to spread the cost and skip the upfront cost of buying outright.

Porsche Taycan

a white porsche taycan cross turismo driving on a road

The Porsche Taycan is everything you’d expect from a Porsche electric car – it’s instantly recognisable, with head-turning styling, a treat to sit in, and even more of a treat to drive.

There are plenty of Taycan models to pick from, including the Cross Turismo that offers top speeds of up to 137mph, a 0-62mph statistic of 5.1 seconds, and around 222 miles in terms of range (depending on how you drive).

As expected, a brand-new Porsche Taycan is on the pricier side. You can expect to pay upwards of £79,200 for an entry-level model, with the Turbo S Sport Turismo costing closer to £149,300.

You can also find used Porsche Taycan models on the market, with options for PCP and HP finance on offer.

You don’t need to worry about battery health in a used Taycan either, as degradation happens slowly and over long periods of time.

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