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Best seven-seat electric cars 2024

The top seven-seater electric cars to buy in 2024

One of the main reasons we don’t see too many seven-seater cars in the UK is because most of our cars have smaller engines compared to American cars, and therefore carrying that many passengers, as well as luggage, just puts too much strain on it. 

However, with the arrival of electric cars, we don’t have that issue. Firstly, they’re already heavy so a little more weight won’t stress it out, and secondly, the electric motors are more than capable of carrying additional people – so it’s a win-win situation. 

Here are the top five seven-seater EVs you can buy right now:

Citroen e-SpaceTourer

a grey Citroen e-SpaceTourer driving on a bridge in a city

Sharing many of its parts with Peugeot e-Traveller and Vauxhall Vivaro-e Life, the e-SpaceTourer is Citroen’s largest MPV – and it’s all-electric. 

Despite having a van-like shape, it sits on the same platform as the electric Peugeot e-208 and Vauxhall Corsa-e, so you know it won’t let you down. 

This means it’s sitting on a 135hp electric motor mated to a 50kWh battery, giving you around 150 miles of range on a single charge (depending on how much weight you add). 

However, even if you are on a longer journey and find yourself running low on juice, you can stop and ‘fill up’ the e-SpaceTourer using its on-board 100kW fast-charging capabilities.  

Peugeot e-Rifter

a dark blue Peugeot e-Rifter parked at a charging bay outside a large modern building

Similarly to the Citroen e-SpaceTourer mentioned above, the Peugeot e-Rifter is also related to vans from Citroen and Vauxhall, but this time it’s the e-Berlingo and Combo-e Life.  

The e-Rifter is smaller than the larger Vivaro and e-Traveller, but offers more range because it doesn’t carry extra weight.  

It uses the same powertrain as the other vans too, which is a 135hp motor mated to a 50kWh battery, which gives you around 170 miles on a single charge. There are also fast-charging capabilities, which means you get 80% of juice in half an hour when using a public fast charger.  

Tesla Model S


Now, you may be wondering why the Tesla Model S saloon is on this list, but some models come with a feature not many people know about – two extra rear-facing jump seats that can be found in the boot. 

These are ideal for children or smaller passengers and are actually quite fun, because your kids can look out the back and see the cars behind you – but it’s not too great for car sickness, mind. 

The standard Model S is powered by two electric motors that offer a range of up to 405 miles. However, there’s now the Model S Plaid, which has three motors and produces more than 1,000hp, and has a range of around 396 miles. 

Mercedes EQB

Joining the ever-growing all-electric Mercedes lineup is the EQB, which sits in between the EQA and EQC. 

This EV offers a premium package to rival the likes of the BMW iX3, Kia EV6 and Tesla Model Y – and it has seven seats. 

All model variants are powered by the same 66.5kWh battery that's good for around 250 miles on a single charge, with the option of fast charging from 10% to 80% in half an hour.  

Overall, it offers a splendid package compared to its rivals and sits at roughly half the price of the slightly larger Tesla Model X.

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Tesla Model X 

Despite being on the pricier end, the Model X still offers incredible value for money because it’s part of the mighty Tesla fleet.  

When configuring your Model X, you can choose to have either five, six or seven seats, with the latter featuring two seats in the boot area. 

There are also two different powertrain options. The first is the dual motor setup that offers 348 miles of range, and the second is the Model X Plaid that produces more than 1,000hp and 333 miles of available range.  


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