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Top 10 longest-range electric cars on sale 2024

Battery-powered cars are advancing at a rapid pace - and so are their claimed ranges. Here are the 10 of the highest claimed-range electric cars on sale today

Range anxiety is a term that has long been associated with electric cars. The early years of the EV revolution were full of worry over whether or not you’d actually make it to the end of your journey or not. But that was then.

The charging technology and infrastructure has come on leaps and bounds since then, and we're now in a place where we can drive more than 300 miles on a single charge without a care in the world.

But which electric cars will take you the furthest on a single charge these days?

Here are 10 cars with impressive manufacturer-claimed ranges – which, while they should be taken with a pinch of real-world salt, rank at the sharp end of the growing line-up of EVs.

Tesla Model S Long Range – 405 miles

a red tesla model s plaid driving on a racetrack in the desert

The Tesla Model S was launched in 2012 and has since gone on to become one of the most talked-about EVs in the world.

Throughout its decade-long life, it has sat near the top of the tree for battery range. It's claimed to do more than 400 miles on a charge, although that’s an estimate based on US-style testing, not European figures. You're more likely to see something in the 300s – still impressive.

Not only that but with easy access to Tesla’s Supercharger charging network, which spans across most of the UK now, a jaunt from London to Edinburgh certainly isn’t out of the question.

If you want to know what it's like driving a Tesla Model S 1,300 miles using public chargers, check out one of our recent road trips from John O'Groats to Land's End.

You can find used Tesla models at impressive prices as well, so don't overlook the used market.

Ford Mustang Mach-E – 379 miles

a grey ford mustang mach-e parked at sunset

Whatever your views on Ford attaching the Mustang badge to its large full-on electric SUV, there’s no doubting that you can go a long way in it. 

It comes with various electric motor and battery options, but the one you want if you regularly do longer trips is the 88kWh battery and single motor, which Ford claims will get you a lengthy 379 miles between charging stops.

Sure, that number might shrink if you're using the heating or the air-con, but it's still good enough to land Ford's spacious entry high up our list.

Keep an eye out for used Ford options as well - they're perfect for making savings.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range – 360 miles

a white tesla model 3 parked in a black background

Tesla simply cannot build the Model 3 quickly enough, and it’s easy to see why people absolutely love the thing.

For a start, even the entry-level model can do almost 280 miles on a charge, according to Tesla, and with its low purchasing and running costs, it's become a really attractive proposition.

Buy a new example of the Long Range model and you'll quickly see the list price click over £50k, but it's a great offering that can do a manufacturer-claimed 360 miles on a charge.

Like the Model S, even with a reduction in real-world distance, you've got Tesla's Supercharger network to support you.

The Model 3 has a high-tech, minimalist-style interior that’s dominated by the large touchscreen, and it even allows you to torment your passengers with digital whoopee cushions. Really!

Tesla Model X Long Range – 360 miles

white tesla model x driving on a road

Yup, it’s that pesky Tesla brand again, but you can’t deny that the firm's certainly got its act together when it comes to making electric vehicles that can travel a long way.

The Model X is the brand's largest SUV and it has performance that makes many supercars look a bit tardy. It’ll cover the 0-60mph dash in a claimed 3.8 seconds and go on to a top speed of 155mph.

As exciting as all of that is, it won’t be what your neighbours talk about – it'll be the first time you pull up at home and open the ‘falcon-wing’ rear doors, which lift up DeLorean-style on electric motors.

You can show it off far from home, too, with a claimed 360-mile range and access to that Tesla Supercharger network.

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Volkswagen ID.3 – 336 miles

a grey volkswagen ID.3 driving on a countryside road

It’s taken a while, but Volkswagen is finally getting serious about electric cars, and the ID.3 is its first effort – and what an effort it is.

The Tour model is the one to choose if you want to go a long way, and you’ll certainly enjoy the experience, with up to 336 miles on a single charge.

This used VW is nippy off the line, and unlike many of its competitors, it’s actually quite enjoyable when the road turns twisty.

Better still, it’s nippy and nimble precisely where you need it to be, and that also remains true for the lower-grade, lower claimed range ID.3 that Volkswagen builds.

It’s also decently spacious inside for five people with luggage and has a decent amount of standard equipment. Imagine an all-electric VW Golf but with futuristic styling, and you've got yourself an ID.3.

Skoda Enyaq iV – 330 miles

a red skoda enyaq iv parked in front of some green mountains

The Skoda Enyaq is an electric car that really could suit almost everyone. Why? Well, it’s big and roomy inside, so it easily has the family side of life sorted. It’s enormous in the back, like a limousine with a lofty viewpoint, and the boot’s almost big enough to sleep in.

This used Skoda is good to drive, too, with a range of powertrains that offer perfectly acceptable performance and an ability to recharge at a reasonably brisk rate.

It’ll be the 80 model that you need if you regularly travel a decent distance, because a claimed range of 330 miles means you’re likely to need a comfort stop long before the Enyaq runs out of electricity – even with a real-world reduction in the car's mileage.

Volkswagen ID.4 – 310 miles

A red VW Id.4

People are flocking to both electric cars and SUVs, so VW thought – why not combine the two?

Enter the ID.4 – an electric Volkswagen SUV that offers some seriously impressive range.

There are a couple of battery options available, but you’ll need the Pro Performance one if you have long-distance motoring in mind.

Acceleration is sprightly instead of searing (there’s a GTX model for that), while the standard-fit adaptive suspension makes the ride decently comfortable while keeping body movements firmly in check.

The interior is suitably roomy but while the rear seats fold flat, they don’t slide back and forward should you need to alter boot space or rear legroom.

310 miles of claimed range also leaves enough space for a still-handy real-world ability.

Kia EV6 – 316 miles

a red kia ev6 parked

Okay, let’s just take a moment and just look at the Kia EV6. If that isn’t one of the best-looking electric cars out there, we don’t know what is.

Better still, it isn’t just a good-looking electric car, it’s a good-looking car full stop. If you didn’t know it ran on electricity, you’d never guess.

It’s a car that is entirely inoffensive to drive, but this also makes it slightly unmemorable (which is the case with many normal EVs). Still, it gets off the line briskly and won’t jiggle around too much on bumpy roads.

Inside, the EV6 looks truly contemporary, with a sleek, modern design and high-quality materials. It also has the sort of tech that makes every journey more enjoyable as well as safer – especially with a 316-mile range.

Hyundai Kona Electric – 300 miles

a light blue hyundai kona electric driving on a country road in the uk

The Hyundai Kona Electric might be one of the more unusual-looking electric SUVs. People seem to love it, and the popularity looks set to continue following the car’s recent facelift.

There's an entry-level model that can do an official 189 miles, but that's not the one we're focusing on here. If you have a long way to go (but not necessarily a short time to get there), the version with the 64kWh and 201hp electric motor is the one to choose, because it has a claimed range of 300 miles.

Shave off a few percent for a real-world figure and you're still left with plenty of miles for most daily duties.

The standard kit on this used Hyundai is comprehensive and includes climate control, electrically folding door mirrors, LED headlights, parking sensors at both ends, and a heated steering wheel.

Hyundai IONIQ 5 – 300 miles

a grey hyundai ioniq 5 driving on a mountain road

The Hyundai IONIQ 5 certainly grabs the attention, doesn’t it? This Hyundai looks like nothing else, with its large square-ish shape and ‘pixelated’ lighting signature. Best of all, it’s a cracking electric option.

The rear-wheel drive single-motor option with the 73kWh battery is the perfect choice if you regularly undertake longer journeys, because it has a claimed range of 300 miles.

Better still, it can be charged at a rate of 350kW, so you won’t be stationary for too long, even if you knock a few miles off that official stat.

The interior is large and dominated by a twin-screen dashboard that manages to look both retro and cutting-edge at the same time. There’s loads of space, too.

Ioniq? It could end up being iconic.

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