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MG5 Lead

MG5 Long Range review

The MG5 is the UK’s best-selling electric estate car. That accolade is well-deserved, because the MG5 combines excellent value with impressive range, and it’s one of the most practical family electric cars you can get.

MG recently launched its MG5 Long Range, which has an updated exterior design, a face-lifted interior and – as the name suggests – extended range.


In 2020 the MG5 launched with classic station wagon looks (think the Volkswagen Passat). It was still a handsome car, make no mistake, but it was more sensible than head-turningly stylish.

The new 2022 MG5 Long Range, however, has serious va va voom – it’s the 2022 glow-up version. The new bespoke EV front grille is sharp and aggressive, with a blanked-off nose and angular headlights. The badge is repositioned, the rear bumper redesigned, the wheels are slicker, and all versions come with privacy glass. It looks like a whole new car, and MG has put down a marker for what a facelift should be.

MG have put down a marker for what a facelift should be

What's it like to drive?

Just because you need a car that will fit the whole family, doesn’t mean you don’t also want a car that unleashes the motorist within. For a wagon that makes you think Outnumbered, you’d be surprised by how Fast and Furious the MG5 Long Range is. In fact, it's one of the best all-rounder EVs of 2022.

0-62 in 7.3 seconds is pacy for a car of this build. The accelerator is instantly responsible, and the steering is very accurate. It might be fast, but the kids won’t get carsick because the drive is smooth and the car glides over bumps. It's a gentle passenger experience, and the MG5 is also incredibly quiet, both in terms of cancelling out road noise and because of the electric motor.

MG5 driving


If you’re driving the brood around then the realistic parent within knows you need a car that withstands messy kids, even if you yourself want glitz and glamour. The MG5 interior is functional and fashionable, if not blow-your-socks -off fancy.

mg5-electric interior.

The infotainment system in the new 2022 Long Range model comprises a smart touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and a simple, functional layout. The dash is particularly luxe for such an affordable family car, with a textile and metal finish that adds an elevated note. It’s spacious, very comfortable and the leather-style seats on the higher trim are also a nice change to vamp up the interior. Not to mention the heated front seats.


This car is a very practical EV – it really is a proper family wagon in the same way an Audi A6 or classic family Volvo V6 is. It’s as practical as many electric SUVs (here are some 2023 big hitters if you're interested) and more practical than lots of crossovers, boasting a 479-litre boot that splits 60/40.

Headroom and legroom are good - passengers in the back won’t be packed in like sardines. Door bins are big, and you can easily fit large bottles of water, kid essentials, dog treats, wet wipes – stuff like that. There’s also a big storage compartment in the central armrest, which is useful for essentials.

Running costs and reliability

MG5 CHARGINGComparing the running costs of an electric car with a similar combustion car is usually a positive exercise for your wallet. The MG5 Long Range is a cost-efficient run around for all the family. If you drive the average 142 miles a UK motorist covers in a week, you will only need to charge once because the MG5 can manage 250 miles on a single charge.

You’re looking at about £20 for a full charge at home, but you should be able to reduce this considerably if you charge at off-peak times. You also get a seven-year/80,000-mile warranty, which includes the battery.

What we love

While this electric estate will always be a sensible offering, we are mightily impressed with MG’s update – it’s a proper facelift.

We’re told good cosmetic work is supposed to look like you’ve had nothing done, but when it comes to a car, you want detectable differences. MG5’s new look keeps it fresh and youthful – and without a price premium!

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If you're moving your family to electric driving in 2023, then the MG5 is a wise buy. For inexpensive, eco-friendly day-to-day running, you'll find it hard to get more electric satisfaction for your pounds.

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