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white porsche taycan 4 cross turismo

Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo review

Porsche has a habit of nailing the brief when it comes to entering new segments in the automotive world. Before the start of the 21st century, Porsche was only ever known as a sports car maker. But in the years since it launched the Cayenne in 2003 it’s been building more SUVs than 911 sports car. And now, as of the end of 2021, it’s done it again with an electric car. The Taycan officially outsold the 911 last year, and in 2022, with the rugged 4 Cross Turismo you see here on sale and a new Sport Turismo version joining the ranks, it looks set for even greater things.


The Taycan 4 Cross Turismo is, as its raised ride height and beefed-up appearance suggest, the off-road capable model of the trio. It’s not a proper 4x4 and it barely constitutes a crossover, but its lifted floor means it’s naturally better set to deal with gravel paths and grassy green lanes. Its design applies crossover-like features to the Taycan estate bodyshape, shared with the road-focused Sport Turismo, to emphasise this, without harming the good looks and sleek shape of the electric Porsche beneath. It looks excellent.

frozen berry metallic porsche taycan 4 cross turismo rear

Its design applies crossover-like features to the Taycan estate bodyshape.

What’s it like to drive?

Whether you opt for the entry-level 4 Cross Turismo, or higher-grade versions like the 4S, Turbo and Turbo S Cross Turismos, this Taycan remains decidedly quick on its feet. Every variant gets all-wheel drive, so that means grip is brilliant in all weathers and the power of the twin-electric motor system (there’s one electric motor at the front and one at the back) can be used without much concern for slip. With no less than 476hp on tap, the Taycan 4 Cross Turismo offers high levels of performance.

Like the other versions of the Taycan though, the 4 Cross Turismo is about much more than high speed thrills. Sure, the Turbo S version has a fairly ridiculous 761hp (that’s almost twice the power of the petrol-powered 911 Carrera sports car!) and can sprint from zero to 62mph in 2.9 seconds, but you don’t need to exercise that sort of performance to understand what the Taycan Cross Turismo’s about. It feels like a compliant, comfortable sports car, which doesn’t trade on athleticism in achieving its greater ride comfort.

frozen berry metallic porsche taycan

Like the other Taycans, the 4 Cross Turismo offers brilliant feedback through the steering wheel, so you always know exactly how the tyres are faring underneath, allowing you to enjoy the car’s tremendous turn of pace while brimming with confidence. Thanks to the 4 Cross Turismo’s all-wheel drive and clever use of technology to control its power delivery, this electric machine is genuinely capable all year round. It’s fun and exciting no matter the weather.

Like the other Taycans, the 4 Cross Turismo offers brilliant feedback through the steering wheel.


If you like high technology – and there’s a good chance you do if you’re considering a Taycan – Porsche’s all-electric model has one of the most impressive interiors of any car. Using a bespoke dashboard that integrates an instrument cluster screen (in place of dials) and a central infotainment screen that sits above another screen, where the heating controls are, the Taycan cabin feels cutting edge. You can even get a display for the passenger, so they’re not left without something digital to stare at. But rather than being overwhelming, it’s all impressively functional and easy to use, with haptic feedback (so pressing the touchscreen feels like a proper button) and smartphone-fast reactions making the systems a joy to use.

porsche taycan interior

You sit low in the Taycan no matter the model, but because the 4 Cross Turismo rides taller, your view of the road is more commanding. That’ll be a bonus to those who struggle with the ground-hugging stance of traditional sports cars, and it makes steering the 4 Cross Turismo through town much easier. This is a big car, mind, but that at least ensures the space in the cabin is generous up front, while the back seats are comfortable with decent leg- and headroom for adults. Oh, and it’s plush and beautifully finished.


This is where the 4 Cross Turismo scores most highly over its siblings. Thanks to the Taycan’s long wheelbase, the boot space in the estate body is plentiful, with significantly more room than a hatchback when the back seats are up, and a generous amount of space when the rear bench is folded down. The Taycan’s sleek roofline doesn’t quite provide space as wide as, say, the Audi A4 Avant’s, but thanks to the car’s length, it is certainly versatile. Especially given that this is a high-performance car and not just a functional one.

Adding to the 4 Cross Turismo’s practicality credentials is that raised ride height, which makes loading into the boot even easier – especially if you have cumbersome items to squeeze in, like a bicycle. Or flat-pack furniture.

porsche taycan boot

Thanks to the Taycan’s long wheelbase, the boot space in the estate body is plentiful.

Reliability and running costs

The Taycan scores well on reliability surveys, and there’s little to believe that the 4 Cross Turismo version will fare any differently to its road-biased siblings. Porsche provides a manufacturer warranty that lasts for three years since the car was built, and the Taycan’s battery comes with its own eight-year warranty, with a guarantee that it won't drop below 70% of its original charge capacity during that time. So you’ve peace of mind.

Running costs will very much depend on where you charge the Taycan; if you use a home charger, you can expect to minimise your charge spend so it costs around £15 to get to full battery. The Taycan can travel a manufacturer claimed maximum of 280 miles per charge, so that’s pretty good going. It needn’t be overly costly to service, either, because the Taycan only needs servicing once every two years or every 20,000 miles. If you opt for Porsche’s service plan, it works out at under £500 per year. That’s much cheaper than the equivalent petrol Panamera.

The Taycan only needs servicing once every two years or every 20,000 miles.

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Taller and more rugged than the regular Taycan, the Cross Turismo estate is the high-performance electric car for all seasons. If you’re in the market for a premium electric estate that can glide over speed humps and survive the occasional jaunt up a gravelly or grassy green lane, look no further.

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