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Top 10 most comfortable cars for UK roads

Potholes and speed humps make British roads some of the roughest in northern Europe. These cars are great at smoothing out the tarmac and will offer you the best ride quality without spending a fortune

blue Skoda Superb Estate driving on a country road

Choosing a car for UK roads is like deciding what spice level of curry to order. You don't want to go too intense because the outcome may not be what you'd hoped for.

But you also don't want to choose something too weak because then that might not cut it either. So, you want to find something in the middle that offers the perfect balance and comfort... for cars.

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While we're lucky to have no shortage of fantastic driving routes on the British Isles, our roads aren't exactly famed for being billiard table smooth.

Potholes, cracks and - especially if you're an urbanite - speed humps can increase wear and tear on your car's suspension, but there are a few models out there specifically designed to deal with these challenges.

Below, we run through some of our favourite comfortable cars to help you iron out the imperfections provided by our British roads. They're in no particular order – because they're all great.

Citroen C3

A blue Citroen C3 Aircross parked in a market square

Citroen was a pioneer of comfortable-riding cars through much of the 20th century, with innovative hydropneumatic suspension that gave its models a cloud-like ride.

The little C3 could only dream of using such a complex system, but that doesn't stop it from riding nicely on British roads.

It's so good at this because Citroen has managed to give it a relaxing demeanour while using more conventional suspension – the sort of set-up more carmakers wished they had.

Skoda Kodiaq

a light grey skoda kodiaq suv driving in a city

Comfortable, spacious and well-priced, a used Skoda Kodiaq is a well-equipped and safe choice for families.

It’s also a smart-looking crossover that owners usually praise for its quietness and exceptionally smooth ride.

To get the best out of its ride, we'd recommend looking for one that's fitted with the optional Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC), where you gain a Comfort mode for the suspension that lets it soften off. And relaxxxx.

Skoda Superb

A grey Skoda Superb

This big Czech saloon (and the estate version) has the ambience of a luxury car but with Skoda pricing.

Skoda's Superb offers lots of space and refinement for its occupants. The long wheelbase and well-judged suspension system create an admirably smooth ride that's often likened to much more expensive cars.

Indeed, this is Skoda's poshest model, although DCC isn't a standard option. If you want the smoothest ride possible, make sure you look for a car that has it fitted.

Jaguar XF

a red jaguar xf s driving on a mountain road

Jaguar's handsome XF sports saloon proves that soft, forgiving suspension can also offer fine handling.

This used Jaguar does a good job of relaxing over speed humps and potholes, yet it also manages to tense and remain well-controlled through the bends.

Jaguar's I-Pace and F-Pace SUV models are similarly capable, as is much of the maker's line-up.

Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised – it is a brand based in Britain, after all.

Toyota C-HR

a dark red toyota c-hr driving on a country road

The futuristic-looking C-HR crossover from Toyota turns the heads of passers-by while keeping its occupants safe and comfortable.

The suspension and seats are forgiving on your backside, with owners often praising their car's driver's seat adjustability, ensuring maximum comfort, no matter your size or body shape.

And thanks to the geniuses behind this car, its engine is really quiet, too.

Peugeot 3008

a white peugeot 3008 driving on a road

The 5008 mid-range family crossover from France's Peugeot brand is well-priced yet features an interior that feels rather upmarket.

You’ll find quality materials and a good level of gadgets and luxuries throughout the cabin.

Owners of these used Peugeot models report that it's very quiet on the road and has a lovely smooth ride on most surfaces, thanks partly to its raised ride height and squidgy tyres.

Range Rover

blue 2019 range rover p400e

Okay, so now we're into the upper realms of comfy-riding cars.

The Range Rover has long represented luxury in the SUV segment, and the latest models are considered to be as smooth-riding as a hot knife through butter – which, if you haven't tried, is heavenly smooth.

Air suspension does wonders in ironing out the road surface below, while also enabling you to raise or lower the car as you see fit.

If you live down a rough country lane and own one of these, well, the road won't be bumpy anymore.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

a black mercedes s-class driving on a road

The Mercedes S-Class is basically a luxury limousine produced in high numbers.

Mercedes doesn't beat about the bush when describing its best-equipped versions of the S-Class, boldly calling the suspension technology aboard it Magic Body Control.

And it's for good reason, as the comfort-boosting tech feels like, well, magic – or at the very least like engineering witchcraft.

Sitting in the back of this used Mercedes is what we'd imagine lying on a fluffy cloud to feel like – pure heaven.

Volvo S90

a red volvo s90 driving on a road

Of course, a used Volvo was going to feature on this list.

The Swedish carmaker has long been prioritising comfort and safety in its cars, so the top-rank saloon gets the brand's best comfy stuff for its suspension setup.

Like the S-Class above, Volvo's range-topping S90 saloon comes with the brand's poshest interior, so the suppleness is carried over into the cushions underneath you.

There are also some seriously old-school suspension techniques used in the same way one might light a candle during a romantic dinner.

These come in the form of leaf springs at the rear, which are usually left to pickup trucks these days but works wonders on the S90.

BMW 5 Series

a grey bmw 5 series touring parked on dirt

A used BMW might not have featured on this list because so many of the brand's models come equipped with handling-focused M Sport suspension.

But not everybody ticks the sporty options box for their car's suspension, meaning there are BMWs out there that ride softly.

The 5 Series (and 5 Series Touring) is a great example of just that because it glides over bumps and cracks confidently - and looks good doing so too.

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