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Best cars for small driveways in 2024

Got a small driveway? Here are nine of the best cars that prove that size doesn't matter, at least when it comes to parking space...

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Like that perfect pair of jeans that don't quite fit, realising that the SUV or saloon that you've been dreaming of won't fit on the driveway can be a real disappointment.

Even more so if you've gone through the trouble of buying it and then returned home to realise it pokes out onto the road...

But don't worry, small driveways needn't ruin the motoring fun in your life – and we've got the cars to prove it.

Below, you'll find our list of nine of the best small cars that are capable of squeezing onto a small parking space in front of your pad.

Best of all, just like the Tardis, the following machines are deceptively large, so you needn't leave one of the suitcases – or kids – at home every time you jump in the car. Unless you want to.

Best cars for small driveways

Honda Jazz

At the top of this list is possibly one of the most deceptively spacious hatchbacks on the market.

With the Honda Jazz, you will be amazed at how roomy it is once you step inside.

Measuring 3,989mm in length and 1,980mm in width, it's a mid-sized hatchback good for a snug fit on a small driveway, but it feels large, thanks to its huge windscreen and great visibility, which gives you an almost panoramic view of the road.

You’ll immediately appreciate the tall roof, and with excellent freedom to move your chair and steering wheel, you won't have an issue finding a comfortable driving position.

The tall roof stretches to the back seats too, meaning there's plenty of room for passengers.

The rear doors open wide too and there's a huge opening for the boot, with a low load height – making it incredibly practical and easy to fill up with items.

On top of all these practical attributes, the car is also kitted out with plenty of equipment that comes as standard.

New models get an impressive touchscreen infotainment system, with a digital climate control display placed below it.

As a bonus, this car has strong performance and excellent fuel economy, making it a win-win. Who doesn't like a car that's good at sipping fuel?

Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe

This little electric car is likely to be a great fit for even the tightest of driveways.

If you're seeking an electric car, the Zoe is a little pocket-rocket. In 2020 cars built from 2020 onwards, you can get 245 miles of real-world range, according to Renault, while older versions (from 2015) will give you 150 miles, which is still plenty of urban range.

This 4,084mm long and 1,945mm wide hatchback is a subtle electric car, as it looks like a traditional Renault rather than a state-of-the-art EV, which it truly is.

The Zoe is another surprisingly spacious hatchback, thanks in part to the electric battery being spread across the floor of the car - meaning you benefit from extra space in the front and rear of the car.

The Zoe features a modern digital dashboard as well as a large infotainment screen, but there are also analogue dials below the screen to make altering the temperature nice and simple. 

If you do go for a Zoe, remember that it'll be best to have an electric charge port fitted nearby to maximise the space.


Mini by name, Mini by nature - this had to make our list.

What makes this much-loved classic such a tempting choice is that it's fun to drive, the perfect size for tiny driveways, has a stylish interior, plus there's the choice of having a petrol, hybrid or fully electric model.

While three-door cars are the smallest at 3,821mm in length and 1,727mm in width, the roomier five-door is only a tad longer at 3,982mm, while being identical in width.

They're compact, but come kitted with things like an 8.8-inch digital screen, which comes with an in-built sat-nav.

The high-quality interior also comes with Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and a DAB radio, to give you and the family an infotainment screen to keep everyone happy.

Opt for the 1.5-litre petrol and your driveway companion can – according to its maker – eke out 52.3mpg combined.

The electric alternative will officially do 145 miles, meaning it's perfect for city driving, and with the right charger you can get this car from 10% to 80% in a claimed 28 minutes – just about the length of time it takes to do your weekly shop.

At the time of writing, you can get your hands on a five-door Mini Hatchback from £10,000 or an electric model for £24,950 on cinch.

Ford Fiesta

One of the UK's best-selling cars in recent years needs no introduction. The Fiesta is a star for good reason.

This is partly due to its respected reliability, sleek design and the fact it's genuinely fun to drive. Like really, really fun.

The handling, responsive steering and smooth gearbox can make can any mundane drive more engaging.

And while 3,969mm of length and 1,735mm of width mean it's not the smallest car here, it is a doddle to park if you have the room.

In that space you have a practical, functional and stylish hatchback, with driving assistance technology including lane departure warning and an adjustable speed limiter in later models, making it a trusty companion for trips on the motorway. 

Ford has released plenty of different trims and models of the Fiesta in recent years, so there’s something out there for everyone!

You can get more sporting ST models or posh Vignale models. The wide variety of Fiestas now out on the market, means you can get your hands on a petrol, diesel or mild hybrid model - labelled as mHEV in the cinch showroom.

Smart Fortwo

Alright, who saw this one coming? No matter how small your driveway is, you can almost certainly bank on a Smart Fortwo easily fitting into your parking bay.

The Fortwo is one of the most unique cars in the world due to its distinctively small design, measuring 2,696mm long and 1,663mm wide.

From nose to tail, this is more than 300mm shorter than a classic Mini – you know, the one Mr Bean had.

But thanks to the Smart Fortwo having (as the name suggests) only two seats, there's a decent amount of room for its passengers.

The Fortwo will allow you to squeeze into tiny parking spaces, leaving other motorists jealous as they continue to shark around for a bigger space.

Inside the Fortwo, you're treated to a bold and quirky interior, giving you all the accessories you need.

Everything is easily within reach... as you'd expect with such a tiny car!

More recent models come with an infotainment screen and higher-grade trim, while the wide-opening doors help with loading things into the car, and also make entering and exiting the car surprisingly easy. The car's upright stance adds to the ergonomics.

Fiat 500

Fiat 500 Collezione

Ok, another obvious option, but it's brilliant. If you're seeking a small yet fashionable car, look no further than the Fiat 500.

This three-door Italian beauty comes in many forms – petrol, diesel, hybrid and fully electric.

All the models share the same retro charm and you can't get chicer than the Fiat 500.

There's no denying this has proven to be a timeless classic, considering Fiat hasn't really deviated from the 500's popular design, which first hit the market back in 2007. 

This little motor, which measures 3,571mm long and 1,627mm wide, thrives most on urban roads with its tight turning circle, while its nearly flat rear end makes parking a piece of cake. Or tiramisu.

Naturally, boot space is limited by the car's dinky size, but with a large opening, it's easier than you'd think to get things in and out of the 500.

Oh, and it's actually slightly bigger than the Mini.

 Hyundai i10

Hyundai really stepped up its efforts in making the latest i10 a smash hit.

It's more practical, nimbler and better equipped than previous generation cars, making it a real contender on this list for more than just its footprint.

This car is 3,670mm long and 1,680mm wide, and it's arguably all you'd ever need if you're looking for a fun runabout to help navigate your way through the city.

The entry-level 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine gives you all the power you need for the urban commute, while also holding its own on the motorway.

City cars can be firm riding over speedbumps, but the i10 bucks this trend as it easily glides over potholes and drain covers alike.

It's small, but it isn't short of kit, with DAB radio, Bluetooth connectivity and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto as standard, while SE Connect, Premium or N Line models gain a glossy 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system.

A big plus for this city car is that it's a five-seater - making it more versatile than that tiny footprint would suggest.

BMW i3

BMW i3

The BMW i3 has a design has long split opinions, but we're firmly in the 'big fan' camp of this car's unique exterior design and funky interior.

This vehicle is well worth considering if you want an electric car that's easy to drive, surprisingly quick off the mark and upmarket, especially inside.

The i3 – which is 4,011mm long and 2,039mm wide – delivers the strong performance you'd come to expect from a used BMW.

Considering city driving tends to be fairly chaotic, this car is genuinely relaxing to drive and the vehicle's minimalist interior really allows you to tap into your inner zen.

It's never been the cheapest electric car on the market - but the i3 is spacious on the inside and as a proper five-door hatchback, you don't feel like you're making too many sacrifices with this choice.

There are only two seats in the back, but that does mean that there's more space for the two that do jump in for the ride. 

Real-world ranges for the BMW i3 are typically between 150 miles and the maximum 188 miles that BMW claims with its latest versions.

Some older versions come with a little petrol engine to charge the battery as you go - giving you more distance between charges.

Ford Puma

You may be rubbing your eyes and thinking... how on earth has an SUV made this list.

But think of this SUV - or, more accurately, crossover - as a Ford Fiesta on stilts.

The Puma sits only 15cm longer and 6cm wider than the Fiesta, meaning the thought of squeezing an SUV on your small driveway doesn't feel like a pipe dream.

Evidence: it measures 4,207mm in length and 1,930mm in width.

Like the Fiesta, the Puma is incredibly fun to drive while being even more practical – those precious extra few centimetres make a big difference, turning this into a more than adequate family car.

The Puma comes with mild and fully hybrid options, offering improved fuel efficiency and more punch for your pounds when you fill up at the petrol station. 

This wide-eyed crossover also comes with an 8.0-inch touchscreen system, leaving the rest of the dashboard uncluttered - with the upper half of the cabin also having a nice finish, with soft-touch materials.

With the Puma ticking all the boxes when it comes to performance, interior design and space in the back, the boot also doesn't disappoint.

Despite only being slightly bigger than the Fiesta in size, the Puma has a larger boot than the Ford Focus, which is a bigger car on the road.

There's a (sort of) secret storage compartment under the boot floor that has a rubber lining and a plug hole, meaning you can wash it out after you've dumped a pair of muddy boots in there.

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