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blue skoda superb

Skoda Superb review

The flagship model in Skoda’s impressive range - the confidently named Superb - can actually back up its lofty title. This car is about as spacious and comfortable an executive car as you’ll find for the modest price tag. Not only that but it’s more than capable of delivering an excellent ride, making it ideal as a company car or family go-to. Superb by name, superb by nature.


Much is spoken and written about Skoda’s value for money and its sensible practicality. True to form, we’ll touch on both later. For now, let’s discuss an often-overlooked aspect of the Czech manufacturer’s more recent models – the surprisingly cool look of the vehicle. 

Okay, so the badge doesn’t impress folk quite like those of its German neighbours, but for actual design? The Skoda Superb really does rival them.  

Older models can be considered plain looking, but the more modern Superbs came off the forecourt with serious sleek styling. Squint at one and you’re looking at a BMW 3 Series. Stop squinting, put your glasses on and you’re looking at a refined and handsome executive Skoda.   

blue skoda superb

Modern Superbs came off the forecourt with serious sleek styling.  

What’s it like to drive?

Few people would expect to read a Skoda Superb review and be told that they rival Mercedes and BMW for drive quality. You may then be surprised to learn that they almost do. A Mercedes S-Class may do it all perfectly and with almost zero noise. The performance and handling you get with the much less pricey Superb is seriously impressive. 

True, there are sportier rides to be enjoyed in the more expensive alternatives. For the money, the Superb comes up trumps. The smooth acceleration makes this car perfect for long distances and motorway driving. In fact, it’s seemingly built for long hauls.  

As for town and more recreational driving, there’s more fun to be had driving the Superb’s competitors, admittedly. It’d be churlish to hold that against this vehicle, though. What it lacks in sportiness, it more than makes up for in ride comfort. 

skoda superb saloon

The performance and handling you get with the much less pricey Superb is seriously impressive. .


When we tell you that the Skoda Superb is a big car, we mean it. The Skoda Superb is A BIG CAR. Inside, the vehicle is vast. Three people can comfortably sit in the back with plenty of head and legroom. That means no more squabbling over space from the kids and road trips are a must.  

The styling inside is classy and unfussy. There’s nothing showy. It’s intuitively laid out and looks the part. There’s thought and logic behind the layout and while the finish and materials don’t scream ‘luxury!’, they do softly mutter ‘quality…’ 

If a super plush interior is a real priority for you, you may wish to look elsewhere. Failing that, you’ll want to opt for the newer, higher-spec Superb. Entry-level models and those from a few years ago do veer towards the more basic, compared to what’s available elsewhere.  

Newer models come complete with an eight or 9.2-inch touchscreen that’s responsive, tactile and easy to use. The graphics are sharp and the whole thing is extremely easy to use. Expect DAB radio and Bluetooth functionality in more recent models.

skoda superb interior


If you’re impressed by the roominess inside the Skoda Superb, you’ll be awestruck by the boot space. Well, okay, maybe not quite ‘awestruck’. Maybe, surprised and appreciative. If you need storage, it’s hard to look past the Superb - it’s a class leader.  

Not only is there an acre of space, there are also lots of nice touches, especially in newer models. Hooks, nets, cubby holes, moveable shelves, you name it. Some later models even have a light in the boot that detaches and works as a torch, should you ever need one. 

There are huge storage bins up front and in the back and well-placed cupholders in the central armrest console. There’s even a storage area under the steering wheel and a giant glovebox that’s - get this - air-conditioned.  

skoda superb rear

Running costs and reliability

You’ll find any Skoda Superb to be superbly economical. Factor in the size and comparable running costs of its competitors and you and your wallet will take very kindly to them indeed. Newer 1.5-litre models manage an easy 40-45 miles per gallon, with the 2.0-litre TSI offering better performance, but a reduced MPG, as you’d expect. Opt for the more recent diesel 2.0-litre models and you’ll enjoy a whopping 55 MPG.

What we love

We genuinely love the Skoda Superb here at cinch. With its almost infinite space and storage, immense comfort and surprisingly good looks, we’re pretty sure you’ll love it too. Let’s not fight over it, though. Let’s just agree that it’s reliable, practical, comfortable, well equipped and an all-round ruddy good car. One that’s perfect for business or for family trips.

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 We can’t say enough good things about the correctly-monikered Skoda Superb. Well equipped, super comfortable, stylish, economical, enormous inside and practical on almost every level, it genuinely rivals cars nearly twice the price. Our only minor criticism comes in the performance. It’s no slouch, but it’s outgunned a little by its rivals. Other than that, it’s a real sharpshooter. 

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