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Is Audi reliable?

Audi is a premium manufacturer with some impressive models on offer – but are they reliable cars?

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Audi is one of the most popular car manufacturers on the market, producing quality models that have gained a serious fan club.

That high-quality reputation and luxury finish come with a higher price point, so you’ll want to be sure you know everything about the brand and its cars before taking the plunge.

This also means that purchasing a used Audi can be reassuring - you know that you're getting high-quality.

You’ll likely be using your Audi for a few years, so reliability and safety will likely be a huge selling point.

What makes a vehicle reliable?

Reliability is important when choosing a new car, as you want to make sure you can rely on it for the foreseeable.

A reliable car shouldn’t often need more than standard repairs from wear and tear and usage. If your car breaks down regularly or has many faults, this makes it an unreliable model.

A high Euro NCAP safety rating also contributes to the reliability of your car – you want to make sure that you can depend on your vehicle to keep you safe on the roads.

Fuel efficiency is also a sign of a reliable model. Having an impressive miles-per-gallon figure makes for a dependable daily driver.

With Audi, the three-year manufacturer warranty can help soothe some of those reliability worries.

Having the Audi warranty is a sign that the manufacturer is sure its models will be in great shape for at least a few years and is willing to help you out if something goes wrong.

How reliable is the Audi A Series?

Audi A1 reliability

A blue Audi A1 parked under a tree

The Audi A1 is a reliable model that shares much of its engine technology with the Volkswagen Polo and Seat Ibiza. This gives you a good indication that the Volkswagen Group is a fan of the tech and is happy to use it in multiple models.

The A1 also gets a full five-star Euro NCAP safety rating, with a 95% score for adult occupants and 85% for children.

Fuel efficiency is impressive across all A1 models. The 30 TFSI engine offers 53.3mpg, so it’s ideal for the daily commute.

Audi A3 reliability

On reliability surveys, the Audi A3 usually scores at the mid-range mark so can be considered a reliable model.

The A3 also shares some of its components with SEAT and VW, so you know the manufacturer is confident with the quality of the build.

The A3 also gets a five-star Euro NCAP rating, with 89% for adults and 81% for children.

The 30 TDI Technik A3 model can offer up to 65.7mpg for efficiency, and there’s a hybrid option on offer that can supply a pop of electric power.

Audi A4 reliability

An image showing the Audi A4 Saloon Black Edition

The Audi A4 usually scores fairly on reliability surveys, finishing around the middle of the scoreboard.

It was lasted crash tested by Euro NCAP in 2015 and scored a full five-star rating, so you know safety was up to scratch.

The 2.0-litre 30 TDI model also returns up to 60.1mpg, so it’s efficient to run and will make for lower fill-up costs.

Audi A5 reliability

a green audi a5 coupe with gold wheels parked at an angle in front of some mountains

An Audi A5 is a great option for a reliable car as it surpasses its competition on reliability surveys and receives positive feedback from its drivers.

Due to their similar features, the Audi A5 was tested at the same time as the A4 by Euro NCAP and was awarded the same five-star safety rating.

It’s worth noting that this rating has now expired, but both models still have a range of flashy safety kit.

Audi A6 reliability

A blue Audi A6 Avant parked outside a building

Reviews from drivers of the Audi A6 claim it’s a reliable car that can cover many miles with minimal issues, but the A6 doesn’t always score at the top on reliability surveys.

The A6 gets a five-star Euro NCAP safety rating, with an impressive 93% adult rating and 85% for children.

All Audi A6 models claim around 40mpg for efficiency, with the plug-in hybrid model being the most economical on offer.

Audi A7 reliability

A grey Audi A7 driving on a road beside the sea

The Audi A7 gets positive reviews for reliability and will usually sit around the middle on reliability surveys.

It scores top marks from Euro NCAP too, with 93% for adult occupants and 85% for children on its 2018 test.

For running costs and efficiency, the diesel models are best for covering loads of miles. The 40 TDI model has a claimed 47mpg statistic that’s ideal for long trips.

Audi A8 reliability

A grey Audi A8 parked in a city

Audi A8 models score well for reliability, with a good reputation that’s been built up thanks to the positive reviews of its drivers.

The A8 has not been tested by Euro NCAP up until this point, but it has impressive safety tech and can be held up against the five-star rating that has been awarded to similar Audi models.

If you want impressive fuel economy, the 60 TFSI e plug-in hybrid model claims a combined figure of 156.9mpg – ideal for saving some real money on fuel.

How reliable is the Audi Q Series?

Audi Q3 reliability

A blue Audi Q3 photographed from a side angle

The Audi Q3 scores impressively well on reliability surveys and receives a five-star Euro NCAP rating, so you know you’re getting a car you can rely on.

These ratings show that the Q3 should be a painless car to own, with minimal maintenance work needed outside of normal wear and tear.

The 40 TDI engine offering returns up to 42.8mpg, so it won't break the bank to run either.

Audi Q4 reliability

A grey Audi Q4 e-tron photographed from the side

The Audi Q4 e-tron is fairly new on the market so it’s hard to establish the exact rating for reliability. So far, it’s received positive reviews and scores well on reliability surveys.

The Q4 was awarded a five-star Euro NCAP rating in 2021, with an impressive 93% for adults and 89% for children.

You can expect between 293-321 miles of range in the Q4, so it’s an efficient car to run.

Audi Q5 reliability

Audi Q5 PHEV

The Q5 is another Audi model that scores well for reliability, placing high on surveys and receiving positive reviews.

As for Euro NCAP, the Q5 was also awarded the full five stars. It was rated 93% for adults and 86% for children.

It’s pretty cheap to run too, with a plug-in hybrid model on offer that will save you money on fuel.

Audi Q7 reliability

A grey Audi Q7 driving on a country road

The Audi Q7 seems to be one of the most reliable Audi cars on offer, with plenty of positive reviews.

It scores well on reliability surveys and secures good ratings, while the same can be said for its customer reviews.

It’s a high-quality car that’s well-regarded and scores the full five stars from Euro NCAP.

Choose the TFSI e plug-in hybrid for the best running costs, as Audi claims you can reach between 83.1mpg-88.3mpg.

Audi Q8 reliability

Audi Q8 exterior looks

The Audi Q8 does well for reliability and usually scores about average on consumer surveys.

Reviews from drivers are positive too, so this is likely to be an Audi you can rely on. It is, however, still early on in its lifetime to know exactly how it performs

The Q8 was awarded a five-star safety rating from Euro NCAP thanks to its range of brilliant safety tech.

It has similar economy figures to the Q7, with a plug-in hybrid engine that can offer up to 28 miles of purely electric driving.

Outside of the Audi A and Q line-up, there are also models like the Audi TT and the Audi S range that are well-regarded for their reliability.

Which Audi model will suit you?

The Audi model that will suit you will depend on your needs. You know you’ll be getting a reliable model thanks to the brand’s positive overall reliability reputation.

If you’re after an SUV, the Audi Q3 is a great example of something smaller, while the three-row Q7 can offer seats for up to seven people.

The Audi A1 is a great entry-level model for anyone looking to move into the world of luxury cars or who might just be in the market for something smaller.

The A3 and A4 models are fan-favourites due to their sleek design and range of tech. Both are comfortable to drive with some impressive engines.

For something fun and sporty, the Audi TT is an iconic model with options for a convertible roof.

Plus, you can choose from a range of Audi trims that offer different features and styling. The Audi Black Edition models are particularly popular – taking the S line trim and offering black styling touches and impressive sound systems.

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