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Audi Q4 e-tron - cinch Weekend Wheels

Ready for a blissful summer drive? Relax and enjoy the heat, hitting the road in this dreamy-quiet electric car...

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One of the best bits about this car is its 1000kg towing capacity

SUVs are the go-to holiday car for most people. Shove in kids, dogs, picnic baskets, smelly wetsuits, boogie boards and an embarrassing number of suitcases, and rely on uber-helpful tech and luxurious interiors to keep you sane. This Audi Q4 e-Tron is going to make your driving life so much more comfortable and, because it's electric, greener too! 

Audi launched its first e-tron back in 2019 and it quickly became one of the most popular and recognisable electric cars in the UK. Now the e-tron family has expanded to eight models and this Q4 hits the small SUV sweet spot.  

The Q4 e-tron has its own special place in the Audi size rankings; not quite as big as the combustion Q5 but not quite as small as the Q3 either. The Q4 e-tron is a smart and cost-effective car for sailing around the city, saving you money on low emission zone and Congestion Zone charges. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just a city car though. There’s enough range in this 35 Sport model to jolly out of town for a nice spot of lunch or take the grandkids to the theme park. It has a 125kWh battery which manages 208 miles on a single charge according to the stats, and a top-up from 5-80% should take just over 30 mins using the 100kW rapid charging speed.  

One of the features that makes driving electric cars blissfully undemanding is the regenerative braking, and Audi has some of the best regen-tech in the biz. With this Q4 e-tron Sport model you can control the regenerative braking using the flappy paddles behind the steering wheel which makes driving about as easy as it gets! Top that off with 4-way electric lumbar support, heated front seats, white interior lighting and an noise-cancelling acoustic glass windscreen and you’ve got yourself a mighty-fine car to spend therapeutically silent journeys in. Five passengers fit in very comfortably and the flat floor stops the unlucky person in the middle back having their knees squashed up to their chin.  

As well as the 520-litre boot you get generous storage underneath the boot floor for loose bits and bobs and 40:60 splitting rear seats that fold fully down. It’s nothing if not practical the Q4 e-tron. One of the best bits about this car is its 1000kg towing capacity. This will make for happy caravanners and horse riders looking for an electric SUV because it’s often the case that electric cars can’t tow. 

Naturally, we couldn’t round off this family-friendly Weekend Wheels without mentioning just a couple of the numerous safety assists on this car: Parking pilot with front and rear sensors, lane assist warning, head-up display and cruise control with automatic speed limiter. Green for safety and green for the environment – that's a win win.  

Add to cart? Yes please. This nomination for Weekend Wheels is in our online showroom for £50,950 or the equivalent monthly rate. It could be on your driveway in as little as one week. Plenty of time before bank holiday excursions!