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An image of a Land Rover car

Land Rover

When it comes to SUVs that can actually go off-road, not many brands can produce cars as capable as Land Rover. Not many have tried, either, because it's a seriously tricky undertaking to produce cars that can handle the weekly shop and school run duties, while also being capable of clambering up a rocky incline or wading through knee-high water. But this go-anywhere characteristic is what makes Land Rovers special - and it's what has earned the company the worldwide respect it now holds. From the off-road-focused Defender to the plush Range Rover, if it's got that green badge on its nose, you can rest assured it'll get you wherever you need to go. Land Rover has dabbled with more road-focused models, including a front-wheel drive Evoque and the unashamedly tarmac-biased Velar. But even these models are still brilliantly capable.