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a white BMW X5 xDrive45e driving on a road next to trees

The best plug-in hybrid SUV models for 2024

Take a look at some of the best plug-in hybrid SUV models that you can buy in 2024

Plug-in hybrid SUVs

Plug-in hybrid SUVs are the way to go if you're tempted by the SUV trend but want to save on fuel.

Owning an SUV seems to be the way the world is going because they’re big, spacious, comfortable, and offer a raised driving position – but they aren’t necessarily the best on fuel. 

This is why the plug-in hybrid SUV has become so popular – you can get just that little bit more electric mile range from the car, and even drive in electric-only mode around towns and cities.  

Here are our top picks for a plug-in hybrid SUV.

  • Toyota RAV4 PHEV

  • BMW X5 xDrive45e

  • Hyundai Santa Fe PHEV

  • Volvo XC40 PHEV

  • Kia Sorento PHEV

  • Audi Q5 PHEV

  • BMW X3 xDrive30e

  • Jaguar F-Pace P400e

  • Lexus NX 450h+

  • Ford Kuga PHEV

a grey Toyota RAV4 PHEV driving on a countryside road

Toyota RAV4 PHEV

When it comes to hybrids, there are very few manufacturers – if any at all – that can do it better than Toyota.  

The Toyota RAV4 PHEV is a Japanese SUV that’s powered by a 2.5-litre plug-in hybrid powertrain mated to an 18.1kWh battery. It's one of the best plug-in hybrid SUVs on the market.

This battery helps it to travel up to 46 miles on electric-only mode, which is like driving from London to Brighton. 

Being a plug-in hybrid, you can obviously charge your RAV4 using a home wall box charger or public charger, with this one charging at a rate of 6.6kW. 

a white BMW X5 xDrive45e driving on a road

BMW X5 xDrive45e

Despite having a hefty three-litre six-cylinder engine under the bonnet, the BMW X5 xDrive45e is still more fuel efficient than when it had two fewer cylinders. 

This is probably thanks to its impressive 12kWh battery and electric motor combo that’s mated to the engine. This set-up allows the plug-in hybrid system to travel up to 54 miles on a single charge. 

It’s sporty too, because the electric motor works alongside the engine to create some serious acceleration from the get-go. Between this and its 394hp, what’s not to love? 

an orange hyundai santa fe phev driving on a mountain road

Hyundai Santa Fe PHEV

The Hyundai is a family-orientated SUV that offers huge amounts of comfort, interior space (including seven seats), and fuel economy

With battery power alone, the Santa Fe PHEV can travel up to 36 miles, which is plenty for driving around towns or cities.  

What separates this from other PHEVs is its seven-seat layout – something very few plug-in hybrids offer. Despite that, it’s still very capable and offers good fuel efficiency - making it one of the best plug-in hybrid SUVs you can buy.

a green volvo xc40 phev driving on a countryside road

Volvo XC40 PHEV

There are two different variants of XC40 PHEVs – the T4 and T5. Both Volvos powered by 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol engines producing 211hp and 262hp respectively.  

They offer up to 134.5mpg with a maximum of 28 miles on electric power only.  

Being a plug-in hybrid, thankfully there are different methods to charge, including the trusty three-pin plug method that can return a full battery in around 3.6 hours. A 7kW wall box reduces that time to 1.5 hours. 

a black kia sorento phev parked outside a large modern house

Kia Sorento PHEV

Sitting next to the Hyundai Santa Fe in terms of offering seven seats, the Kia Sorento PHEV is powered by a 1.6-litre turbocharged engine mated to a 13.8kWh battery pack.  

Kia claims the Sorento can travel up to an impressive 35 miles on a single charge, and offers a combined 176.6mpg in total.  

Like its Hyundai cousin, the Sorento is one of those family SUVs that makes you wonder why you’d ever buy a Range Rover. It offers such great value for money and comfort, and is one of the best PHEV SUV options. 

a dark blue Audi Q5 PHEV driving on a snowy road

Audi Q5 PHEV

Despite its overly complex and long name, the Audi Q5 55 TFSI e is a fantastic small hybrid SUV that has a lot to offer. 

Powering it is the same 2.0-litre petrol engine you’d find in some other used Audi models, but alongside it is a 142hp electric motor that Audi claims offers up to 37.9 miles of electric-only driving. 

Inside, the Q5 PHEV is almost identical to any other modern Audi. This means there’s loads of space, great comfort, a big boot, and all the latest features you’d expect to find in a modern SUV. 

a white BMW X3 hybrid parked outside a small wooden house in the mountains

BMW X3 xDrive30e

If the BMW X5 hybrid is too big for you then the X3 xDrive 30e may be more up your street – it’s essentially a baby X5. 

It is powered by a 182hp 2.0-litre petrol engine that’s connected to a 110hp electric motor, leaving it with a combined power output of 290hp.  

When the electric motor is running by itself, you can expect to get up to 29 miles on a single charge.

With the fuel tank in this used BMW, you can just treat it like a normal car if you’re making longer journeys. 

a black Jaguar F-Pace P400e driving along a countryside road at sunset

Jaguar F-Pace P400e

Despite the Jaguar F-Pace being an undisputed SUV, there’s something a little hatchback about the way it drives and feels on the road. 

It feels much smaller than it is when you’re driving around town or on a longer motorway journey, but you can still carry around vast amounts of stuff in its 650-litre boot. 

Powering the hybrid F-Pace is a 2.0-litre engine that works alongside an electric motor to produce a whopping 404hp and a surprising 130 claimed mpg rating. 

Alongside that, Jaguar claims you will get up to 33 miles on battery power alone, which is plenty for most people’s daily commute. If it isn’t, the petrol engine will kick in and you’ll be on your way.  

a dark green lexus nx

Lexus NX 450h+

A car brand that’s proven to be very popular in recent years because of its hybrid technology is Lexus. It’s been right up there with some of the best, and the NX 450h+ plug-in hybrid proves just why that is. 

It can travel up to 47 miles on a single charge on battery power alone. The 450h+ is powered by a four-cylinder petrol engine mated to two electric motors to produce a combined 309hp. 

There’s also the 350h model, which produces less power and has a lower electric range. It still does the job, however, and will suit someone who may not need the more powerful option.

a champagne-coloured ford kuga

Ford Kuga PHEV

If you like the Ford Fiesta but want something a little larger, chances are a Kuga would suit you down to the ground. 

A used Ford Kuga PHEV is a practical and efficient small hybrid SUV that offers everything you’d expect from a smaller Ford model. 

It promises an all-electric range of 35 miles and a combined fuel economy rating of 202mpg – making it a very enticing proposition for a small family.


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