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Used Audi Q5 review

The middle ground can sometimes be a tough place to occupy. The Audi Q5is a rare car that fills that position perfectly by neatly slotting between the smaller Q3 and bigger Q7–in the words of Goldilocks, it’s just right.It’s a mid-sized premium SUV that more than makes up for the lack of prestigious with its build-quality and practicality.


Audi have never been exactly shy when it comes to their branding or looks. When you see those four rings in the rear-view mirror, you know exactly who’s on your tail. So it’s no surprise that their whole SUV range has a certain Audi look to them.  

For the Q5 this means there’s a sort of refined ruggedness with a radiator grille that is distinctly in-your-face and chunky styling to match.  

In 2020, the car had something of a facelift, which included widening the grille more, adding bigger bumpers and running a chrome strip along the tailgate. It all adds up to a car for drivers who want to get noticed. 

There’s a sort of refined ruggedness with a radiator grille that is distinctly in-your-face and chunky styling to match.   

What’s it like to drive?

Even the most basic models in the Q5 range are going to give you the elevated driving position that is one of the biggest selling points of SUVs. Where it differs from other, less-refined, cars in the category is in its handling. Close your eyes – only if you’re a passenger, of course – and it can feel more like a well-behaved hatchback than an SUV.  

For the driver the quattro four-wheel drive means great grip going round corners and when the road conditions are slippery or wet. It’s also equally good for doing the school run or long motorway journeys when the brilliant sound proofing keeps the road noise to a whisper rather than a roar. 


Are you sitting comfortably? Well you will be when you get behind the wheel. The driver’s seat is height adjustable and there’s a four-way electrically operated lumbar support. There’s even extendable under-thigh support so you can fine-tune your sitting position to your heart’s (and back’s) content. 

Behind the wheel the so-called virtual cockpit gives you all the information you’re ever going to need. Or, to make you feel more like you’re piloting a fighter jet, some high-spec models even project the info onto the windscreen. Visibility to the front of the Q5 is great thanks to the unobtrusive corner pillars and parking’s made a whole lot easier by the rear sensors and camera.   

As you’d expect from Audi, there’s a premium feel to the interior and switches and other controls click firmly and decisively into place when you use them. 

The car’s comfortable for four passengers - as long as the fifth doesn’t mid squeezing in the middle of the back seat. The three-zone climate control/air-con means everyone can be as cool or as warm as they want, so there’s no fighting over the temperature 

 In terms of infotainment, there’s a 10.1-inch touch screen which will be able to tell you everything from where you’re headed to the song that’s playing on the in-car sound system that also packs quite a punch. 


When you’re splashing out on an SUV, it’s generally because you need plenty of space. While it might not be quite as generous with its storage as a car like a Land Rover Discovery, it’s not too shoddy at all. The boot swallows everything from baby buggies to golf bags with ease, and the 40/20/40 rear seat split allows for various combinations of boot and passenger space. 

In the cabin itself, the front door bins have room for large bottles and there are twin cup holders between the front seats for that flat white on the go. In the rear there are a couple of pretty practical floor bins and, on models with the additional Storage Pack, there are handy nets on the back of the front seats. 

Running costs and reliability

Whether you go for the 40TDidiesel engine or the 45TFSipetrol version you’re going to find that fuel economy is reasonable, if not spectacular. The latter will give between 30.7-33.6 mpg while the thriftier diesel is between 32.8-44.8 mpg. The 70 and 65 litre fuel tanks, respectively, mean that it’ll usually be over 500 miles between trips to the service station.

What cinch loves

We love the fact that Audi have been bold enough to combine a distinctive-looking SUV with all the quality and attention to detail that thebrandis famous for. They’ve also gone the extra mile in terms of making a practical and flexible car that’s great for families who need a reliable-yet-stylish set of wheels,whether it’s going for a weekend in the country or taking the kids to Saturday-morningfootball training.

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Perfect for

Town and country drivers




A classy mid-sized SUV that not only stands out from the crowd, it also retains its value better than some others we could mention. It’s no wonder that the Q5 makes it onto so many people’s shopping lists when they’re looking for quality, but not at any price

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