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Best cars for boot space

Need room in the back your next car? Here are our picks from the world of big boots

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For some, boot capacity doesn't just matter during the holiday season. Whether it's the family suitcases, the weekly shop, or flatpack furniture, not everyone likes playing Tetris when loading into the boot of their car.

For many, a spacious boot is a top priority when it comes to choosing their next car - but which models are best-suited to their needs? That's where we come in...

We run through some top picks from the world of big-booted cars to suit different loading needs and price points. They're listed below, in no particular order. You're welcome.

BMW X7 – 750 litres


The largest of BMW's range of SUVs has the biggest usable boot capacity of any car on the market (unless you opt for a van-based people carrier).

The official boot capacity is 750 litres, and while some other models actually beat that, the X7's boxy shape means you can use more of the space. Twelve carry-on suitcases fit in its boot, and there's still space for five passengers!

Skoda Superb Estate – 660 litres

Škoda Superb Estate

Estate cars are usually a good bet if you’re looking for a vehicle with a sizeable boot. After all, lugging big loads are what estates are all about, aren’t they?

Skoda usually has a headstart over most other manufacturers, because of the way the company ‘packages’ a car – how it makes the most out of the space inside the vehicle – and the Superb’s 660-litre boot is a cavernous space for swallowing up whatever you need to carry.

Volkswagen Touareg – 810 litres

Volkswagen Touareg

Large SUVs are a good bet if you're looking for a bootylicious car, so Volkswagen's beast of an off-roader won’t disappoint.

An official capacity of 810 litres is impressive, but tests also show that it’s possible to squeeze in 10 carry-ons in the Touareg, if you need to. 

Like the X7 above, that still leaves lots of space for five passengers ahead.

Ford Puma – 456 litres

Despite having a smaller footprint than the Ford Focus hatchback thanks to its extra height, not to mention its hidden storage box in the boot, the Puma crossover has surprising amounts of load space.

Open the tailgate on this Ford and you'll see 456 litres of usable space in the boot, with a flat floor to make loading easier.

But lift the floor and there are 80 litres in a rubber-lined box, which even comes with a plug so you can hose it out. Perfect for the wellies!

Range Rover – 800 litres

If you're looking for maximum space in an uber-posh package, look no further than the Range Rover.

A car worthy of the Queen herself, this luxury SUV has space for 800 litres of theoretical luggage – which essentially means the family suitcases, boxes of continental wine and bags of Wine Gums should fit in, no problem.

Best of all, you'll earn hero status using a high-end car so effectively.

Honda Civic – 478 litres

While technically a hatchback, the extended rear-end of Honda's Civic means it offers much more boot space than conventional alternatives.

In fact, there are around 100 litres in there more than most of the Civic's rivals, with 478 litres of space meaning you should get around five carry on cases in the back.

If the roofline wasn't so angled at the back, there'd be even more room!

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