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A silver Ford Focus Estate driving on a country road

Estate Cars

A used estate car can be ideal if you want extra space without compromising on style 

Estate cars are spacious and practical models that are recognisable by their long length and high roofline.

They have large boots and spacious cabins, so are perfect for a functional family car.

Choosing a used estate car is sensible if you want plenty of space but still want something stylish, as you can choose from estates that prioritise a luxury, rugged or sporty aesthetic.

Take a look at our top picks for estates that suit different needs and browse our used models to find an estate car that suits you.

Benefits of an estate car

While SUVs have been the recent go-to style for those seeking a spacious and practical car, it’s often the case that what an SUV can do, an estate car can do just as well – or better.

Estate cars are known for their spaciousness and usually offer impressive headroom thanks to the high roofline that doesn’t slope like a hatchback.

They’re ideal if you want to fit adults in the backseat and not just children, as head and legroom are impressive compared to other popular styles.

Estate cars are also ideal if you don’t want a high rider such as an SUV or a 4x4 – they’re usually positioned low to the ground and offer a stable drive.

There are plenty of affordable estate cars on the market, as well as luxury estates that give you all the bells and whistles.

Plus, you can lower your fuel costs by choosing an electric estate car or a hybrid, while the sleek shape of an estate can help increase fuel efficiency overall.

A white Mercedes E Class estate model

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Types of estate car

There are a wide range of used estate cars on the market that are ideal for families, solo drivers, or the luxury car fan.

Family estate cars

The Volkswagen Passat Estate is the perfect option for families that need plenty of space, boasting a 650-litre boot and a spacious cabin. Previously, it’s secured awards for car of the year

The Skoda Superb Touring offers a slightly bigger boot space at 660 litres, and you can choose a plug-in hybrid model for increased fuel efficiency. It’s also won awards for best estate car and best value executive car.

A family car doesn’t have to be simple and stripped back – the Mercedes E-Class Estate offers a luxury take on an estate that offers a 640-litre boot and twin 12.3-inch displays on the dash.

Other great options for a family estate car include the BMW 5 Series Touring, Jaguar XF Sportbrake and SEAT Leon Estate.

Luxury estate cars

The Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo is every inch the premium model and gets the bonus of being a fully electric car.

There’s a 93.4kWh battery and suspension with adaptive air springs for a smooth drive.

Another luxury estate option is the sleek Jaguar XF Sportbrake, a sophisticated model that excels with its handling and functionality. It offers an impressive 380hp from a supercharged V6 engine.

The BMW 5 Series Touring is another great contender for a luxury estate car, rivalling the Mercedes E-Class with high levels of luxury and comfort. It also boasts an array of impressive engines.

The interior is particularly tempting, with plush upholstery and a heads-up display.

Sports estate cars

The BMW M3 is a car that has a great reputation for its sporting abilities, and the M3 Touring is the estate upgrade. This one has a 3.0-litre straight-six engine that puts out more than 500hp.

The Ford Focus ST Estate is the sportier version of the popular Focus Estate. The ST is practical and ideal for a daily driver but still offers up to 280hp.

The Audi RS6 Avant is a sports estate that has a ferocious V8 600hp engine, but it’s also available as an electric car for more efficient driving.

Other brilliant options for a sporty estate car include the Skoda Octavia vRS Estate and the Volkswagen Golf R Estate.

What to think about when choosing an estate car

Finding the best estate car in the UK is no mean feat. There are plenty of options on offer and each motorist has individual needs that will make particular models appealing.

You’ll want to consider exactly what you need from your vehicle and focus on finding an estate car that ticks those boxes.

Consider factors like your budget, how much space you need and the type of driving experience you’re wanting.

There are smaller estate cars on the market and ones that prioritise the biggest boots, as well as some budget-friendly options.

Choosing a used estate car usually means you’ll get a better price, as well as the possibility of securing extra features and upgrades that may have been prohibitively expensive add-ons when brand-new.

You can use our on-page filters to sort our used estate cars by budget and other features that might be important to you.

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