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The most attractive cars for Valentine's Day 2024

Fall in love with some of the most attractive cars on the market, according to our research

A man and a woman leaning out of a car window to kiss

It’s no secret that humans are prone to forming long-lasting bonds with their vehicles – especially with their first-ever motor.

About one in four Brits admit they have felt more for a car than they have for a partner, explaining that a vehicle is more ‘loyal’ and offers the space for freedom and independence.

So, what car models are more likely to get your heart beating faster based mostly on looks and affection?

We've listed the most attractive vehicles gracing our streets according to the golden ratio – a maths formula that attempts to determine visual beauty – and the number of related hashtags for that car on Instagram.

Top 10 most attractive cars:

  1. Land Rover Defender

  2. Suzuki Jimny

  3. Jeep Cherokee

  4. Nissan X-Trail

  5. FIAT Panda

  6. Jeep Wrangler

  7. Volkswagen Beetle

  8. Hyundai Tucson

  9. Kia Sportage

  10. Jeep Renegade

The most striking motors

If you believe in love at first sight, our data suggests that the most eye-catching car on the market is the Land Rover Defender.

Sam Sheehan, our motoring editor, said: “To determine the most striking, good-looking vehicle on the road, we analysed more than 200 car models, ranging from used BMWs to sleek Audis.

“The results are based on the golden ratio – a maths formula that attempts to determine ideal proportions – and number of Instagram posts. These allow us to rank popular cars from most to least attractive.

“Our findings show that the chunky, bold aesthetic of the Land Rover Defender is bound to give you butterflies more than any other motor.

“In fact, the British off-roader tops our chart of most attractive cars, standing as the vehicle with the best golden ratio and receiving a whopping 1.6 million hashtags on Instagram. A true charmer!

“The Defender is closely followed by the Suzuki Jimny and the Jeep Cherokee, which are parked in second and third place, respectively.”

Cars with the best golden ratio

First, it’s worth explaining what the golden ratio is – and, put simply, it’s all about proportions.

In the case of cars, all you need to do is divide the height of a motor by its width. The closer the car’s score is to 1.618, the nearer you are to visual perfection, meaning the vehicle in question is – in theory – a pleasure to look at.

As mentioned, the Land Rover Defender leads our list of most attractive cars, and it’s clear to see why when considering its golden ratio. The Defender has a height-to-width ratio of 1.192, making it by far the vehicle with the best visually appealing score, with a golden ratio deviation of only 0.426.

The Suzuki Jimny and Mercedes-Benz G-Class are also likely to make you look twice, sitting in second and third position respectively on the golden-ratio podium. The Mercedes model, in particular, deserves a special mention.

Despite ranking 137th in our overall attractiveness table, the G-Class has a remarkable height-to-width ratio of 1.019, suggesting it has a well-proportioned figure that’s able to ignite a spark in any driver.

A silver Land Rover Defender from the side

Cars with the most Instagram hashtags

68% of people say they share content on social media to show things they love and care about – and cars are no doubt something that users from all over the world are proud to parade.

When it comes to Instagram hashtags, the car model that has received the most social affection is the Honda Civic. This Japanese motor, well-known for being an ever-reliable family car, has been (hash)tagged about 6.3 million times on Instagram.

Social media users also seem to have a soft spot for the Jeep Wrangler, with the retro 4x4 totalling an impressive 5.6 million hashtags on the platform.

The good-looking Ford Mustang isn’t camera-shy, either. Clinching the bronze medal for the number of Instagram hashtags, the Mustang has amassed a total of 4.8 million posts, meaning it’s another much-loved model that people are eager to shout about.

So, do you agree with this list of most attractive cars? If there’s any truth in social media love and golden-ratio formulas, you might just find the motor of your dreams.

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