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Are electric cars boring to drive?

Forget what you thought you know about electric cars – these are some of the most fun cars to drive, and here's why

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For many years, a petrolhead’s biggest laugh was aimed toward electric cars. If you mentioned them around anyone who vaguely enjoyed driving, you’d often be faced with the inevitable “what, you mean a milk float?” comment.

In actual fact, this isn’t really the case anymore, and for the most part, electric cars are great fun to drive for several reasons.

They’re really quick

It comes as no surprise that electric cars are quick. Thanks to their instant torque and readily available power, all electric cars are quick off the line – even the more mundane, everyday ones.

Sure, you have the Rimacs and the Teslas of the world, but even a bog-standard Fiat 500e or Nissan Leaf will pleasantly surprise you with their acceleration.

If you care about speed and performance, you might want to look towards the more powerful models such as the 1,900hp Rimac Nevera and 1,000hp Tesla Model S Plaid, which aren’t accessible to everyone but do prove how exciting EVs can be.

Even the cheapest Porsche Taycan rear-wheel drive is fun when it comes to driving. Despite its size and weight, Porsche has worked its magic and created something that handles exceptionally on a British B-road, despite being as wide as a full-sized Range Rover.

They’re quiet

One thing that’s really obvious is the silence one experiences when driving an electric car. Because there’s no engine chugging away, you’re bound to experience a quiet driving experience – you’ll just hear the occasional click and clunk of the electric motor whirring away as you trundle along.

For those who like the sound of an engine, you do still get some noises, but they are always going to be different from what you’re used to. It is nice, however, to zone out and have a silent driving experience on the motorway.

They’re comfortable

Linked with the lack of noise comes comfort – and EVs offer some of the best comfort you can find in any car. They’re especially enjoyable around town and on longer journeys because you don’t have to deal with any engine noise – just the sounds of the tyres, wind, and road noise.

One of the places they offer the most comfort is in and around town because to start with, that’s what a lot of them started out needing to do. Despite having really heavy batteries, the suspension isn’t too hard either, offering a supple ride for the most part.

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There’s never a dull moment, technologically speaking

Electric cars are packed full of the best technology available in any vehicle, so you will never be bored – and neither will your passengers.

Take any Tesla, for example. Most people who own them have barely touched the surface in terms of what they can do.

The in-built technology is incredible and offers features such as Netflix and YouTube, Smart Summon – which uses your phone to drive your car towards you – as well as a bunch of games, a Car-Aoke system, Autopilot functions, and many more.

It’s not even just Tesla either, as so many manufacturers are beginning to fit next-level technology into their cars, changing the game for driving going forward.

They’re becoming more fun

If you think electric cars are fun now, just wait – they’re only going to get better.

The driving characteristics will begin to improve because the batteries will hopefully get lighter with time, and that means they will be nimbler on the road.

There are racing series surrounding them

Like with combustion engine cars, electric cars have their own racing series and are growing rapidly in popularity.

Some of these series include Extreme E, Formula E, Electric GT, and many more are emerging.

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