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Range Rover Evoque vs. BMW X3: which is better?

The battle of the small SUVs commences – but which is better suited to you?

on the left is a range rover evoque driving through mud and on the right is a grey bmw x3 driving on the road

SUVs are very popular these days, but not everyone thinks about buying a stylish one. This is where the Range Rover Evoque and BMW X3 step in. 

You can find used Land Rover and used BMW models for great prices on the pre-owned market as well. 

Both have proven themselves as capable SUVs with stellar looks and performance. But which should you buy? 


on the left is a white evoque off-roading in a muddy forest and on the right is a bmw x3's rear light

The chances are that if you’re after a Range Rover of any kind, you’re into fashion – or at least appreciate pure class. The Evoque is as elegant as the next Land Rover product but with a more compact body and some impressive looks. 

Its exterior looks haven’t drastically changed much in the past decade, but newer models feature a smoother, more rounded finish – making it look sleeker than ever.  

While this is appealing, this often appeals to an older generation, whereas the BMW X3 is a more youthful thing. We say this because it has a more angled design that looks more aggressive than its rival. 

Newer models are especially sportier-looking thanks to their sleeker bonnets and sloped roofline.  

What are they like to drive?

on the left is a white evoque driving on the road and on the right is a grey x3 driving on the road

When you get behind the wheel of the Evoque, you’ll be surprised to find something that handles really well. A common trait with SUVs is that they don’t tend to corner that well because they’re tall and heavy, but the Evoque proves that stereotype wrong. 

It’s available with a range of petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid powertrains, so it’s safe to say there’s something for everyone and all types of driving. Because of its small dimensions, the Evoque is easy to park too, and can navigate the tight streets of London and other cities without too much hassle. 

Like its rival, the X3 is also a small SUV that's perfect for driving in cities but also isn’t shy of the motorway with either its petrol, diesel or plug-in hybrid engine option. It’s also available exclusively with BMW’s clever four-wheel drive system. 

On the whole, it offers a relatively soft ride that can be stiffened by opting for the sportier X3 M40i or Competition model, which also gets less body roll when you’re negotiating a roundabout. 

Interior and technology

on the left is an evoque's infotainment screen and on the right is a bmw x3's interior

If you’ve ever been in a Land Rover before, the Evoque’s interior will come as no surprise to you. It’s classy, elegant and easy to get around. There’s a large touchscreen infotainment screen sitting in the centre of the dashboard with lots of controls around it, and features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Newer models feature a digital driver’s display, whereas older models have traditional analogue dials.  

The X3’s interior is also impressive, offering excellent levels of quality and tech. Speaking of which, it boasts a large touchscreen with smartphone connectivity, mated to BMW’s iDrive infotainment system.  

There’s also an optional digital driver’s display and three-zone air conditioning as standard. 

Bootspace and practicality

on the left is an evoque's rear seats and on the right is an x3's boot

Being SUVs, you won’t be surprised by both cars’ vast amounts of bootspace and practicality.  

In both, there’s plenty of headroom and legroom for both front and rear passengers. 

Boot space is really decent too, with the Evoque offering 591 litres and the X3 offering up to 550 litres. Regardless of which you choose, you’ll have enough space for your weekly shop, some suitcases or bags for a family staycation

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Safety and reliability

Being modern cars, you shouldn’t have any issues regarding reliability because they’re well built, feature many parts shared across other models, and have engines that you can rely on. 

Safety is great too thanks to the solid onboard technology. Both cars scored highly in their most recent Euro NCAP crash tests, which helps ease any concerns you may have regarding safety in the event of an accident. 


Range Rover Evoque

Length: 4371mm 

Width: 1904mm 

Height: 1649mm 

Boot space: 591 litres 


Length: 4708mm

Width: 1891mm

Height: 1676mm

Boot space: 550 litres

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Verdict: Range Rover Evoque vs BMW X3: which should you buy?

We’re sure you’ve come to your own conclusion after reading our comparative review of these two small SUVs, but just in case you need a little nudge, here’s our quick verdict. 

We’d recommend the Evoque to anyone who wants a really comfortable ride, a great infotainment system and a truly elegant addition to their garage.  

The X3, on the other hand, is probably better suited to someone who likes to get out there and drive while also needing a larger car for passengers and luggage. It has great handling and is essentially a larger X1 – a car known for its sporty nature.  

Whichever you end up with, we don’t doubt their capabilities and believe that both will make excellent daily drivers. 

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