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Audi Q3 vs. Range Rover Evoque: which is better?

Which of these compact SUVs is the one for you? Our comparative review holds all the answers

on the left is a silver audi q3 facing the camera and on the right is an evoque driving on a country road

Compact SUVs appear to be taking over the world at the moment, and at the forefront of that charge is the Audi A3 and its rival, the Range Rover Evoque.  

One is German and one is British. Without getting political, there has been known to be a little argy-bargy between these two countries, but when it comes to SUVs, the fight is seriously close.  

You can also get used Audi and used Range Rover models for a lower price than purchasing brand-new - ideal if you want to save some money.

But which is better for you? Hopefully, our comparison review can help you decide.


on. the left is a blue audi q3 parked in the snow and on the right is an evoque's rear

For many years, Audi played it safe when designing its mainstream big sellers because it needed to appeal to a wider audience, but things really changed with the likes of the Audi Q3.

When it was first introduced in 2011, it was a car that featured a bolder design than what the world was used to, and we applaud that.

Modern iterations of the Q3 have much sharper angles and a more aggressive front grille, which really adds to the overall mean look of the car. 

The Range Rover Evoque, on the other hand, fits in with the Land Rover trend of prestige luxury.

It’s no secret that JLR makes some of the fanciest cars in the game, and its little Evoque crossover is no different.  

Its looks haven't changed all that much since it was first launched but, if anything, it’s gone the other way to the Q3 and has developed a smoother exterior to fit with Land Rover’s new look. 

What are they like to drive?

A blue Audi Q3 and Evoque driving

While the Q3 might be pitted against the Evoque here, another of its rivals is the BMW X1, and it happens to behave in a completely different way.

Instead of offering a sportier and stiffer ride, this SUV is much softer, with a real emphasis on comfort – something its Evoque rival is good at. 

No matter the task in hand, the Q3 will handle it with ease. Whether you’re cruising up and down the motorway or doing the school run, you won’t be disappointed by this. 

But despite what you might think, the Evoque is the fun one to drive.

You would expect a heavy Range Rover product to simply waft along any terrain you throw at it, but in this case, we couldn’t be more wrong. 

Its steering is nimble and direct, and its engine options are quite punchy, leaving you feeling very satisfied after any drive.

Don’t think this isn’t a good cruiser, though because it certainly excels in that too.

It can waft as well as a full-size Range Rover, but it can also dart around a back road like a hot Jaguar.

Interior and technology

an audi q3 and range rover evoque interior

Usually, you’d get onto the subject of interiors and it’ll be blatantly obvious which car has the better one, but in this case, they are both top-notch. 

Audi has always been known for producing some high-quality interiors and the Q3 is no exception.

There are lots of great leathers and metals throughout, plus newer models are rid of the fold-up touchscreen that used to sit on top of the dashboard and replaced by an integrated screen that’s available with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

There’s also Audi’s Virtual Cockpit, which is one of the best in the car world – if not the best.

It works seamlessly with the central infotainment screen and will display whatever you want – within reason.  

Traditionally, Land Rover has shied away from getting too hi-tech with its interiors, but all this changed when the Evoque joined its fleet.

This is about as much tech as you need in a car. Like the Q3, it has smartphone connectivity and all the other bells and whistles we have available nowadays, but the class and elegance of this interior really steps it up a notch. 

The seats are also superb, as you’d expect, and the speakers (especially the upgraded ones) are really something to write home about. 

Bootspace and practicality

a range rover evoque's boot and an audi q3's rear seats

The likelihood is that if you’re looking for a Q3 or Evoque, you’re probably not needed to haul lots of stuff otherwise you’d have opted for a larger SUV.

Saying that, both come in with impressively large boots.  

Audi’s Q3 offers 675 litres of space and the Evoque gets 591 litres.

This is much larger than some cars sitting in classes above them, so they deserve the adulation. 

Both cars also have plenty of storage areas and cubbyholes dotted throughout the cabins, which ensures you won’t be short of space on those longer trips.  

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Safety and reliability

Like with any other new car, both the Audi and Range Rover are reliable and safe.

The engines they use and the way they’ve been built prove just how solid they are.  

When it comes to safety, both cars passed their most recent Euro NCAP crash tests with flying colours, getting full stars and ensuring they offer superb adult and child occupant safety. 


Audi Q3

Length: 4484mm

Width: 1856mm

Height: 1616mm

Boot space: 675 litres

Range Rover Evoque

Length: 4371mm

Width: 1996mm

Height: 1649mm

Boot space: 591 litres

Verdict: Audi Q3 vs Range Rover Evoque: which should you buy?

If you’re looking at the Q3 then it’s likely you’re a stylish person who likes lots of tech and likes to drive quickly (when it’s safe).

Despite its softer suspension, the Q3 is still a great thing to drive around corners, and this is elevated through its steering.  

On the other hand, if you like to cruise and want something classy that can sit on your street and make your neighbours envious, then the Evoque is the one for you.

Its effortless class and superiority are what attract so many people to it – and it does all this in a smaller and more affordable package than the big Range Rover. 

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