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Ultimate electric vehicle towing guide 2024

Can electric cars tow? Can EVs be towed? These are all questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis, so here are all the answers

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Can electric vehicles tow?

Technically they can, yes, but the bulk of electric cars aren’t happy with towing trailers and caravans.

This is because they simply aren’t really designed for it, which is almost an odd thought because with instant torque, you’d assume the pulling power would be unrivalled by a petrol and diesel car but there are several reasons why EVs just aren’t suited to it:

  • It seriously reduces the range.

  • It adds even more weight to an already overweight vehicle.

  • Regenerative braking isn’t kind on trailers or caravans.

  • Not all EVs have been approved to tow.

Which electric vehicles are the best at towing?

If you were going to buy an electric car as a towing car, these would be the best, thanks to their pulling power, size and instant torque:

Can electric vehicles be towed?

You might need to tow your EV at some point if the battery dies or you get a flat tyre, and this could be risky, resulting in damaging your vehicle, so you will need to check some things first.

To start with, you must ensure your electric vehicle has a neutral gear because if it does not then when you tow it, it could engage the motors and cause a whole world of issues for you.

Some EVs such as the Nissan Leaf do have these modes, so make sure to check for them and engage them before towing.

What else do I need to know about electric vehicle towing?

The best piece of advice we can give you is to make sure you do your research before making your purchasing decision. The last thing you want is to buy a car that isn’t fit for the job.

For example, you should always opt for a bigger and better car than what you actually need, if you can.

This is because you never know what you may need to tow and having a car that can tow double what you need is going to put much less stress on it.

There are also lots of other factors to consider such as the weight of your car, the weight of whatever you’re towing, what your driving licence allows, and where the nearest EV chargers are on your trip, just in case!

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