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What is a Volkswagen Arteon? VW models explained

The Volkswagen Arteon is a sleek and luxurious car that's impressively efficient. Learn more in our guide

a gold VW Arteon parked at a docks by the sea

Since Volkswagen was founded back in 1937, two of its models have become icons: the Beetle and the Golf. But it now makes more than 30 different models, with the Arteon being one of them.

Available as either a saloon or shooting brake, the Volkswagen Arteon is one of the nicest-looking cars the brand has ever made.

It offers a luxurious driving experience that rivals the likes of the Audi A5 and BMW 4 Series, but for less money.

Plus, there are plenty of used Volkswagen Arteon options to pick from if you want to save some money.

Is the VW Arteon fuel efficient and how does it perform?

Being a modern family car, efficiency is one of the most important attributes the Arteon should have, and it succeeds with ease.

It can be had as either a petrol (up to 45.6mpg), diesel (up to 60.1mpg), or plug-in hybrid (up to 256.8mpg) engine setup, all of which offer excellent fuel economy.

Additionally, the plug-in hybrid (PHEV) Arteon e-Hybrid gives you up to 38 miles of electric-only driving, making it a great option for city dwellers.

Performance is impressive too, especially considering this is a 1.7-tonne family car.

Power figures range from 150hp with the entry-level model, with numbers increasing to 320hp in the top-spec Arteon R model.

This makes it suitable for everyday use around towns, on motorways, and on those longer journeys.

a gold Arteon parked facing the sea at a dock

How safe is the VW Arteon?

As far as safety is concerned, the Arteon is one of the safest family cars on the market, being awarded a full five-star crash test rating following its most recent Euro NCAP testing.

This is thanks to some excellent safety features such as a tyre pressure monitoring system and an intelligent crash response system.

A standard feature fitted to all Volkswagens is an advanced anti-theft alarm system, which sounds an alarm and flashes the hazard lights continuously when triggered.

This should be enough to ensure the safety of your car, but you can also purchase third-party systems that extend this protection.

Is the VW Arteon reliable?

Being German-designed and built by the boffins at the VW Group, there’s very little to be concerned about when it comes to reliability.

It sits on the same MQB platform as the Volkswagen Passat, which is tried and tested and offers great rigidity.

Additionally, all the engine options available are from the wider VW Group and will also be found in other Volkswagen models, adding to the extended tried-and-tested nature of its overall design.

a Volkswagen Arteon's black leather interior with sat-nav

What's the technology like in the VW Arteon?

When it comes to tech, the Arteon is well-equipped because it benefits from all the bells and whistles you’d find in other VW models.

These include a high-resolution 10.25-inch infotainment system display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, sublime smartphone connectivity, ambient lighting, an onboard sat-sav and a booming 10-speaker Harman Kardon sound system that’s available as an optional extra.

Interior and exterior

The looks are one of the key factors of the Arteon. In both saloon and shooting brake versions, it’s sculpted to perfection, with sharp lines and a focused front end.

Inside, VW has essentially taken all the best bits from the Golf and Passat and turned it up to 11. The Arteon, in many ways, is the S-Class of the VW world, so you’re always going to be comfortable and feel swish.

Bootspace is good too, with 575 litres in the saloon and 565 litres with the shooting brake.

How much does the VW Arteon cost?

Brand-new, the Volkswagen Arteon costs from £40,000, but you can pick one up on the used car market for much less, at around £20,000.

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