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Ford Fiesta vs. Vauxhall Corsa: which is better?

Our Ford Fiesta vs. Vauxhall Corsa review compares two of the best hatchbacks on the market

Ford Fiesta vs. Vauxhall Corsa

When news broke out that the Vauxhall Corsa had overtaken the Ford Fiesta as the most popular car in the UK, people began to wonder why.

That’s not to say that the Fiesta has lost its mojo, because it hasn’t. There are plenty of these used Ford and used Vauxhall models on the market for you to take your pick from, depending on which is your winner.

What are the main differences between the two, and which one is right for you? 

Ford Fiesta vs. Vauxhall Corsa: styling

on the right is a white ford fiesta parked on a pier near the water and on the right is a white vauxhall corsa's front headlight

Both of these superminis are styled to look fresh and modern, and they certainly do so by appealing to the vast majority of drivers in the UK.  

Since the original Fiesta launched back in 1976, Ford has carefully been updating each generation to offer great value for money and a strong element of fun. 

Latest models feature the ‘trapezoid'-shaped grille and those familiar swept-back headlamps, which really bring this model up to date.  

It's also available in both three and five-door versions – with recent cars featuring slightly sharper creases and a bigger rear end to add to its youthful look. 

As for the Vauxhall Corsa, it’s almost indistinguishable from its Fiesta rival in terms of its sharp-angled, modern design and solid quality.

Its large radiator grille and angled headlights give the Corsa plenty of character at the front, and the side profile of the three-door looks particularly sporty with its sweptback rear lines.   

Like the Fiesta, Vauxhall’s Corsa is also available with both three and five doors – making it just as practical. 

Ford Fiesta vs. Vauxhall Corsa: what are they like to drive?

on the left is a red ford fiesta driving on a motorway and on the right is a white vauxhall corsa driving away from the camera on a country road

When it comes to driving, there’s a reason why the Fiesta was, for a very long time, the best-selling new car in Britain.

In either of its trim levels, this little supermini is really fun on a country road but also incredibly suited to town, city, and motorway driving too. 

Its steering is responsive and no matter which engine you opt for, you will get great fuel economy and power – especially in the newer turbocharged engines.  

The Corsa also offers a very similar driving experience because the two are aiming to achieve the same little hatchback goals.

While it doesn’t quite have the sporting edge of the Fiesta, it’s still a great all-around car that tackles motorways, towns, and cities with ease. 

One clever feature the Vauxhall has is that when it comes to negotiating narrow streets or tight parking spaces, the Corsa has something called City steering mode.

At speeds below 30mph, the steering is programmed to feel nice and light – making it easier to manoeuvre.  

Ford Fiesta vs. Vauxhall Corsa: interior and technology

on the right is a black and orange ford fiesta interior and on the right is a black and red vauxhall corsa interior

Moving inside, both cars are pretty much on the same level as one another in terms of tech and comfort. 

The Corsa is available in a wide range of trims including Energy, Limited Edition, Design, and SE, and even more sporting variants, where air-con is provided as standard.

If you want some nifty tech, then Design models and above feature Vauxhall’s IntelliLink 7.0-inch infotainment system with built-in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, so you can simply plug your smartphone in to keep in touch with the digital world. 

Apart from its tech, the Corsa has a well-laid-out cabin with comfortable seats and decent head and rear legroom for those approaching six feet tall and above. 

As for the Fiesta, this too is a remarkably tech-filled vehicle for its price point, offering a swanky touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, air-conditioning, Bluetooth, and sat-nav.

But if you feel really fancy then you can upgrade to the range-topping Vignale model that includes heated leather seats and a great-sounding eight-speaker B&O sound system. 

When you look around the rest of the cabin, you will see that Fiesta models from 2017 and onwards feature a clean overall design with just the right number of buttons and a chunky steering wheel. 

Ford Fiesta vs. Vauxhall Corsa: bootspace and practicality

on the left is the front seats of a ford fiesta and on the right is the open boot of a white vauxhall corsa

Starting with the Fiesta, its boot space has always been good for its size.

Don’t forget that this is a small hatchback but it still offers an honourable 311 litres of boot space – which is plenty for a weekly shop or one large suitcase and a few smaller bags. 

The Corsa also has a decent boot, measuring in at 309 litres.

You will barely notice a difference in the size between these two because two litres isn’t going to change things.

Both cars have the same style of boot and the same loading lip, which is easy to get larger bags over.  

The story is very similar in the rear seats too because both cars offer plenty of leg and headroom for most passengers.

Those above six feet may feel a little cramped on longer journeys but the space is fine for the most part. 

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Ford Fiesta vs. Vauxhall Corsa: safety and reliability

Like with all cars, whether you have a family or not, safety and reliability are many people’s top priorities.

Both cars offer great safety features such as central locking, airbags, traction control, brake assist, and – on top-spec models – parking sensors.  

Following its most recent Euro NCAP crash testing, the Fiesta scored top marks with five stars, and the Corsa scored four stars because of stricter rules and a higher risk of whiplash for rear-seat passengers.

But overall, both cars sit in the highest categories across the board. 

Ford Fiesta vs. Vauxhall Corsa dimensions:

Ford Fiesta

Length: 4040mm

Width: 1735mm

Height: 1476mm

Boot space: 311 litres

Vauxhall Corsa

Length: 4060mm

Width: 1765mm

Height: 1433mm

Boot space: 309 litres

Ford Fiesta vs. Vauxhall Corsa compared

Ford Fiesta highlights:

  • Exciting to drive

  • Plenty of trims to choose from

  • Top marks from Euro NCAP

Ford Fiesta things to consider:

  • Not as nippy as the Corsa

  • Can be pricier as well

  • Entry-level trims might feel basic

Vauxhall Corsa highlights:

  • Impressive sporty variants to pick from

  • Can be speedier than the Fiesta

  • Perfect for city driving

Vauxhall Corsa things to consider:

  • Four-star Euro NCAP rating

  • Slightly smaller boot

  • Not much rear space

Verdict: Ford Fiesta vs. Vauxhall Corsa: which should you buy?

When it comes down to it, both the Vauxhall Corsa and Ford Fiesta are great cars in their own right.

They are both nippy, comfortable, filled with great tech, affordable, cheap to run, and well-styled.

But, if you still can’t quite decide which is for you after reading our comparison, then here’s something that may help you to come to a conclusion. 

If you’re someone who likes a little more spirited drive and enjoys a blast through the countryside at the weekend, then we’d recommend the Fiesta because it is a great little car to drive from its most basic trim all the way up to the full-fat ST model. 

This doesn’t make the Corsa redundant, however, because it's good at all the other things that the Fiesta shines in such as city and town driving, long motorway journeys, and getting you from A to B safely and efficiently.  

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