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The best family SUV 2024

Choosing your next family SUV is a big job. With so many options and budgets, it can be tricky to know where to start

an orange land rover discovery sport parked in a field

Best family SUV UK

Choosing the best family SUV can be a hard decision to make.

There are so many different body styles, engine options and trim levels to choose from, it’s hard to even know where to begin.

The family SUV is so popular because it’s large, practical and easy to drive – plus there are loads of splendid options on offer.

Here are 10 of the best family SUVs you should consider buying:

Nissan Qashqai

A light grey Nissan Qashqai e-POWER driving through a tunnel

One of the UK’s best-selling vehicles is the British-designed and -built Nissan Qashqai, which can do it all. It's also one of the best family SUV options.

This SUV is practical, with a 504-litre boot (growing to 1,441 litres with the rear seats folded flat), spacious rear seats and a high-up driving position that makes it easier to see around when parking or navigating traffic.

Engine options vary too, including petrol, diesel and hybrid units.

The petrol is the most popular choice and is advisable for most people, while the fuel-efficient diesel is superb on those longer motorway journeys and the newer mild hybrid is great for city dwellers.

When it comes to safety, a used Nissan Qashqai is one of the best, scoring a full five stars in its most recent Euro NCAP crash tests, with particular attention given to both adult and child passengers.

Volvo XC40

a dull green volvo xc40 driving on a road

If you’ve looked at the large Volvo XC90 and decided it’s a little too big, then how about Volvo’s smallest SUV; the XC40?

This small-yet-mighty SUV is comfortable and good-looking and will help you stand out at the school gates. It's one of the best family SUV options.

You can have the XC40 with a mild hybrid petrol engine, as a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) with up to 28 miles of electric driving, and as an all-electric variant that offers 333 miles of range (depending on the spec).

It’s safe too, as all Volvos tend to be anyway, scoring a full five stars following its most recent Euro NCAP testing.


A black BMW X3 parked on gravel next to some mountains with a cloudy sky

Luxury SUVs have become more accessible than ever before, meaning you don’t need to fork out the mega bucks for a Rolls-Royce or Bentley.

The BMW X3 is a mid-sized SUV that sits above the X2 and below the X5 and X7, making it the best family SUV for those who want to optimise fuel economy and don’t need masses of boot space.

Speaking of economy, you can get a used BMW X3 with the choice of petrol, diesel and hybrid engine options that are all efficient and deliver strong MPG figures.

There’s also an electric variant called the iX3 that can drive up to 285 miles on a single charge.

Being a well-built SUV, safety is high too thanks to a five-star Euro NCAP rating. It also has ISOFIX child seat points – a feature that all other cars on this list offer.

Mercedes GLC

a black mercedes glc driving through a forest

Mercedes makes a huge range of cars today – more so than you may think – and yet one of its most popular models is still the humble GLC SUV.

Not only does it look smart but the GLC is also luxurious inside and is packed full of the latest car tech, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Under the bonnet, you will either find a petrol (and PHEV) or diesel engine, but a larger 5.0-litre V8 option is available with the AMG model.

Like with the X3, safety levels are high, with the GLC scoring full points in its most recent Euro NCAP testing.

Land Rover Discovery Sport

a black land rover disovery sport off-road driving down a muddy slope

Very few SUVs offer the charm of a used Land Rover – that's just a fact. But not all examples are as expensive as the flagship Range Rover.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport is one of the best Jaguar Land Rover products for many reasons – it’s comfortable, easy to live with and spacious without being too imposing. It's also one of the best family SUV models.

Power comes from either a petrol or diesel engine, with the latter being handy for towing caravans or trailers or for long-distance driving.

There’s now a PHEV on offer that gives you up to 37.3 miles of electric-only driving, which is ideal if you find yourself in London’s expanded ULEZ, for example.

Kia EV6

a dark blue kia ev6 driving on a road

The EV6 is Kia’s first purpose-built electric car – and what an opening attempt it is.

From photos, it may look like a hatchback, but it’s much taller than it looks – and it’s even longer than the Jaguar I-Pace.

Being electric, there are no engine options but two batteries instead: a 58kWh and a 77.4kWh pack. These offer 232 and 328 miles of range respectively.

It’s a common misconception that electric cars aren’t as safe as internal combustion engine cars, but this isn’t the case.

They're subject to the same crash and safety tests as petrol and diesel cars, with an added emphasis on protecting their batteries.

Skoda Karoq

A red Skoda Karoq driving on a road

It was never going to be easy following on from the Yeti, but when Skoda announced its Karoq replacement, it stole the hearts of fans across Europe.

It’s more or less Skoda’s take on the Tiguan, meaning it’s practical, economical and one of the best family SUVs.

There are a range of petrol engines on offer, and one diesel that we’d recommend for those who tend to drive longer distances.

To add to this, the Karoq scored a full five stars following its most recent safety tests by Euro NCAP.

Volvo XC60


If the aforementioned XC40 is a tad small for your family, then the mid-sized XC60 may be the Volvo for you.

It's one of the most versatile SUVs in Volvo’s lineup because it’s easy to drive around town, comfortable on longer journeys and offers a large 483-litre boot to store the kids’ sports stuff and shopping bags.

It can be had with a range of engines including petrol, diesel and a plug-in hybrid that offers up to 32 miles of all-electric driving.

But most of all, it’s safe, thanks to its Volvo build quality and excellent safety systems that contribute to its top-notch Euro NCAP score.

Kia Sportage

a dark green kia sportage driving on a road

With the overall cost of living showing no signs of calming down, we’re all looking for the best deals around.

Some of us are switching Waitrose for Aldi, and others are looking at Kia Sportages instead of Range Rovers.

For a fraction of the cost, you’re still getting a fab family SUV that’s economical and spacious.

You can either have it as a petrol, mild hybrid or plug-in hybrid (with older models also available with diesel engines).

The Sportage scores highly for adult and child occupant safety, making it an excellent family vehicle.

Volkswagen Tiguan

a blue Volkswagen Tiguan driving on a country road in Germany

If you’re familiar with the Golf or Polo models, then the step-up to the Tiguan won’t feel as huge.

This is because it’s essentially the same car inside and shares its platform with the Audi Q3 and Skoda Kodiaq.

To save on costs, this used VW takes the basis of its engine from models such as the Golf and adds subtle differences so that it can accommodate the extra weight.

This makes the petrol and diesel engines very reliable and punchy when they need to be.

Like all the other cars on this list, the Tiguan scored a full five stars following its most recent Euro NCAP crash testing.

What makes a good family SUV?

The best family SUV will depend on the needs of your household, so it's worth noting down your lifestyle habits and must-haves to find the perfect fit.

If you're an outdoorsy bunch and like to get muddy, a family SUV with 4x4 capabilities and some off-road prowess will be well-suited.

If you're all about the SUV style and don't need the added abilities, there are plenty of stylish options to pick from.

You'll also need to consider boot and cabin size - how many people are you travelling with and do they pack light? If you need space for a pushchair, then a larger boot and a roomy interior is probably best.

You could also consider an electric SUV or a hybrid option if you want to cut back on fuel costs. There are plenty of fuel-efficient SUVs on the market if you're dedicated to petrol or diesel, as well.

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