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Can any car use a Tesla charger? How to charge a non-Tesla at a Tesla Supercharger

Find out if you can use a Tesla charger for other cars and if non Tesla cars can use Superchargers in the UK

red and white tesla superchargers at a station

Can other cars use Tesla chargers?

Different electric vehicles (EVs) have different charging connectors that allow them to plug in and get a boost.

One of the most popular options for rapid charging is the CCS connector, and this is also the connector used at many Tesla supercharger points.

So, if your car is CCS-compatible, then you can usually use a CCS Tesla charger. This means that you can use a Tesla charger for other cars.

Tesla also uses Type 2 connectors for its standard, non-Supercharger setups. Any car compatible with a Type 2 connector can also use these charging points.

If you have an electric car with one of the older connectors, such as CHAdeMO, these are not compatible with Tesla chargers and you will not be able to plug into these.

Using Tesla chargers for other cars

It’s worth noting that this is a new development and not all Tesla supercharger points are compatible with other EVs.

The original Superchargers were built just for Tesla models, but CCS rapid charging compatibility was launched in 2022 with the ‘Magic Dock’ add-on.

Cars with CCS-charging compatibility that are able to use the Tesla Supercharger network include the Honda e, Fiat 500e, BMW i3, Audi e-tron and the Renault Zoe.

Tesla Superchargers and the Tesla charging network

The Tesla Supercharger network is currently the largest supercharger network in the world, with more than 45,000 chargers.

These chargers allow you to charge a Tesla or other compatible car rapidly, being able to boost EVs up to 200 miles in just 15 minutes.

This is great if you’re on a long journey and need a quick charging solution.

The Non-Tesla Supercharger Pilot has allowed non-Tesla drivers to use the stations with the Tesla app, but it does cost slightly more to support the cost of expanding the network.

The best way to see up-to-date prices is to view prices in the Tesla app.

How to use a Tesla charger

Using a Tesla Supercharger station is easy and very similar to most other kinds of charging stations.

You’ll simply need to pull up to the charging point and plug in your car, using the Tesla app to unlock the adapter and automatically receive the charges for your EV charging.

A green light on the charging port of your EV will let you know that your car is charging up.

If you don’t drive a Tesla but want to make use of the universal Superchargers, you’ll need to download the Tesla app on your smartphone and select the ‘Non-Tesla’ option.

When you go to use the charging points, the Magic Dock will be released so you can plug in to your EV.

With both non-Tesla and Tesla models, you can use the app to monitor charging while leaving your car parked where it is.

Tesla Model 3

What are the benefits of Tesla charging in the UK?

Using a Tesla Supercharger means you can get a much quicker boost for your EV while out and about.

This is ideal on long road trips and reduces the range anxiety you might feel when first making the switch to an EV.

The Superchargers are easy to find and well-located, with many being situated at pre-existing service stations on popular travel routes.

There are a few different types of Tesla Superchargers, including the newest V3 chargers that can supply up to 250kW per car.

This means that a Model 3 Long Range can achieve up to 75 miles of charge in just five minutes.

It’s also worth noting that fast-charging at this rate can negatively impact battery health if done regularly.

You should try and rely on Superchargers only when really necessary – like when on long journeys or when you’re in a rush.

This will help keep your battery health in the best possible condition.

Why do Tesla owners tap the charger?

You may have noticed a trend of Tesla owners tapping the EV charger on the rear of the car or have seen videos on social media.

There are many theories as to why people tap the Tesla charger, including one idea that this somehow boosts the car’s charging.

Some people also state that this tapping is just used to press a hidden panel that opens the charging port door.

This hidden panel looks like part of the rear light on the Tesla but can actually be used to pop open the charging area.

There are plenty of theories as to why Tesla tapping has become so common, but for the most part it’s just caught on as a trend or superstition.

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