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Fiat to only sell electrified vehicles from July 2022!

The whole new car Fiat line will be hybrid or fully electric from the middle of this summer

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In a big move for a brand famous for its tiny cars, Fiat has leap-frogged other manufacturers by announcing that in just two months (so, from July 2022) it will remove all non-electrified vehicles from sale in the UK. Yep, you read that right - from the middle of summer onwards, you’ll only be able to buy hybrid or fully-electric models from Fiat's new car range.

Such a quick switch might seem a little risky, but considering that 60% of Fiat’s range is already either partly electrified (ie. hybrid) or fully electric, it means the petrol/diesel cull isn't as significant to the range as you might think. In 2021 alone there was an 88.3% increase in battery electric registrations in the UK, which is astronomical for a single market year.

Also, Fiat had a runaway success with the fully-electric 500, which became the top-selling city car in 11 countries and the second best-selling electric car across the board in Europe. The only electric car that beat it? The also rather excellent Tesla Model 3. No prizes for guessing that one.

Fiat’s range is growing rapidly, with the 500e joined by the hybrid Panda, 500x hybrid and Tipo hybrid. It’s a move, as Fiat’s UK Managing Director Greg Taylor says, “that lends itself to our vehicles which are suited to urban areas". The 500e has a claimed range of just under 200 miles and takes just five minutes to add 31 miles to its battery with a 150kW plug (find more info on that stuff here). Oh, and did we mention that the 500 still looks excellent.

If you’re panicking about not being able to get a conventionally-fuelled Fiat anymore, fear not, because we have an extensive range of Fiats in our online showroom, which is the biggest range of cars to buy entirely online in Britain. Just saying...