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Electric Ford Puma due in 2024

Sporty crossover model will spawn a battery-powered, tailpipe-emission-free variant

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Good news small SUV lovers: Ford has officially announced that it’ll produce an all-electric version of its popular Puma crossover in 2024, creating a new entrant for a class currently populated by the likes of Hyundai’s Kona Electric (watch our video review here) and Kia’s e-Niro. Using the base of the Puma but swapping out its petrol tank and engine for a battery and electric motor, the Puma EV will have zero tailpipe emissions. That means it’ll be able to drive into restricted areas like London's Ultra Low Emissions Zone and Bristol’s Clean Air Zone without charge.

The Puma EV’s 2024 arrival will likely coincide with the launch of the next-generation Puma line-up, bringing new design and interior tech along with the all-electric version. It’ll come as part of wider ambitions for Ford to become a big player in the electric car world, with two other battery-powered crossover models set to launch in the coming years. Ford reports it will create all-electric versions of its vans as well, to supply the commercial sector with alternatives to the likes of Mercedes’s eSprinter and Vauxhall’s Vivaro-e. In short, it’s all e-kicking off.

Admittedly, Ford’s arguably a little late to the party, with other brands like Volkswagen having made bigger strides in their shift to electrification in recent years. But as the maker of some of the world’s best-selling cars – including the Fiesta, Focus and, now that sales are in full swing, the Puma – Ford’s more gradual transition to battery power is understandable. Now is the right time for the American company to add to its electric model line-up, which is currently headed by the Mustang Mach-E SUV – a lovely example of which recently made our Weekend Wheels list.

We’re certainly excited to welcome more electrified Fords into our all-online showroom at cinch, although we’re already have an extensive supply of partially electric options for motorists. The mild-hybrid Ford Fiesta, with its small electric motor working in tandem with a petrol engine, is a top-seller for good reason: it’s absolutely brilliant. Like really, really good. So much so that when we drove one in the latter part of last year, our editorial team felt compelled to write about it. You can read about our mild hybrid Fiesta experience here.

Best of all for any budding electrified car buyers, our supply of hybrids and EVs is already well north of the 1,000 mark. You can find them all here.

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