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Electric car drivers are least stressed, new study by DS shows

Ok yes, the all-electrified car brand wants to plug EVs. But in these times, the low-stress option does look rather nice, doesn't it?

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It’s a relaxing life behind the wheel if you’re an electric car driver, according to the latest findings of new research released by DS Automobiles. In a study of 2,000 drivers, those who used electric or hybrid cars (38%) said they felt less stressed than when they drove petrol or diesel cars. There were several reasons for this, but the most common one was how ‘quiet and refined’ electric cars are, as cited by 41% of participants. In these high-stress times, it's easy to understand why a bit of calm and quiet on the road can be so valuable.

Of course, DS - the French car maker that now only sells electric or hybrid vehicles - is going to be pushing the benefits of EVs for obvious reasons. But it's interesting to see the result of the study, given that many petrol and diesel car drivers probably assume the requirement to charge an electric car at a plug would add to the stress. But that's forgetting the fact that most EVs will only need to be charged every few days, probably at home overnight, to handle average weekly life.

Considering the average Brit spends four years (yes, YEARS) or 592,920 miles behind the wheel in their life, having a low-stress, blissfully silent and soothing experience sounds heavenly. That’s four potentially stress-free years for EV drivers! Not surprisingly, 31% of those surveyed in DS's study said that stressful moments negatively affect their driving, with them more likely to be distracted, miss hazards or make rash decisions.

Moreover, 20% of buyers said they considered features designed to reduce stress when shopping for their car, which electric car buyers should find in abundance considering how techy these models typically are. You only have to think of the spacious, airy, minimal interiors of cars like the Tesla Model 3 or Honda e to feel that bit calmer. It’s not surprising that a comfortable interior and seats were reported as being incredibly efficient at reducing driving stress.

Electric cars don’t have traditional gears either, so instant yet utterly smooth acceleration is a massive highlight of owning an electric car. 34% of drivers in DS's research said a smooth ride helped them chill out. Some electric car drivers can even make use of one-pedal driving (thanks to regenerative tech) to reduce the workload at the wheel.

Naturally, we at cinch have loads of stress-reducing electric cars for sale, from big, smooth SUVs like the Audi e-tron, to small, quiet city cars like the Renault Zoe. If you want a life of relaxation, take a look…