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2022 Range Rover revealed!

Big news for a big car – Land Rover’s plush SUV has been reinvented for 2022

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Land Rover has pulled the digital covers off its new Range Rover before the Porsche Cayenne-rivalling SUV goes on sale in late 2022. The model will come with both mild and plug-in hybrid engines – more on those shortly – with a fully-electric version joining the ranks in 2024. Outside of the engine bay, the new Range Rover gains an extended list of technical bragging rights, with a stronger and stiffer structure, as well as more interior technology and luxury. Oh, and it gets a tweaked exterior design which mixes the outgoing car’s lines with futuristic lighting. We like. A lot.

As Land Rover’s biggest and poshest model, the Range Rover has always been a bold proposition for the road. But, if the renderings (that’ll be car industry talk for illustrations) we’ve been given are anything to go by, the 2022 car has even more road presence with its wide stance and blunt rear end. The Range Rover’s silhouette is unmistakable, but now there’s an added air of technical prowess, thanks in part to the bar across the rear that links two vertical lighting strips. Plug-in hybrid models add to that with their plug port cover, which is separate to the petrol/diesel filler cap.

Inside, the 2022 Range Rover is, to be frank, absolutely glorious, thanks largely to its integration of the very latest Jaguar Land Rover (the companies are partnered) infotainment system and dashboard. A curved touchscreen with haptic controls sits proudly in the centre of the dash, with crisp, aesthetically-pleasing menus that are equally as easy to navigate (we know because we’ve used the system before). The digital instrument cluster behind the steering wheel is similarly high-end, with sharp graphics and customisable displays, adding to the luxurious, tech-fest feeling of a brand new Range Rover.

Land Rover and its sister company, Jaguar, have made strides when it comes to interior comfort and quality in recent years, and the 2022 Range Rover looks to have pushed set bar even higher. Soft touch materials, leathers and tight stitching all add to the grace of a posh Land Rover cabin, while soft head rest cushions and rear passenger seats that recline like a limo’s affirm the Range Rover’s ranking at the posh end of the SUV world. Range Rovers have long been the choice of royalty the world over; don’t expect that to change with this new one.

As for what’s underneath all that loveliness, the new Range Rover uses a structure – essentially the car’s skeleton – that Land Rover calls its MLA Flex architecture. It evolves the base of the outgoing Range Rover’s structure, bringing 50% more torsional stiffness and 24% less structure-borne noise to the mostly aluminium core. If that went right over your head, just know that these things equate to better comfort, lower road noise and a more luxurious experience. It’s been achieved largely through the use of a mix of metals and new strengthening ‘rings’ that wrap around the innards of the Range Rover’s body. Sounds clever. Because it is. Same goes for the standard-fit all-wheel steering, which should make maneuvering this hefty machine about town much easier.

As for the powerplants under the bonnet, the new Range Rover comes with a choice of mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid options, using either six- or eight-cylinder engines producing between 300hp and 510hp! Buyers who choose a mild hybrid version won’t have to plug their machine in to get the most from it, because the smaller electric motor and battery that works alongside the engine are a ‘self-charging’ package. Plug-in hybrid versions will however, require a plug battery charge to provide their best performance. The bonus of that is electric-only capabilities – with up to 62 miles of range claimed to be possible before the engine needs to be started up. Of course, you can leave the car to its own devices and let it juggle petrol/diesel and electric power as it sees fit. For those who’d rather zip about on electric power full-time, Land Rover will introduce an EV version of the Range Rover in 2024.

It’s fair to say the new Range Rover is a comprehensive new arrival, then, offering something for everyone, especially if you’re into luxury SUVs with the Land Rover seal of approval when it comes to cars that can actually go off-road. Naturally, this top-end Land Rover is priced to match; it starts from £94,400, meaning most Range Rovers you see out on the road in 2022 will probably have left the showroom costing over £100k, once a few options boxes are ticked. That’ll be no problem for those with deep pockets, but for everyone else, perhaps it’ll be worth waiting a few months until some cars find their way onto our site pre-owned.