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Nissan Juke vs. Nissan Qashqai: which is better?

Choosing between the Nissan Qashqai and Nissan Juke is a hard decision, but hopefully our helpful guide will sort you out

on the left is a black and red nissan juke facing the camera and on the right is a blue qashqai

Nissan’s two mighty small SUVs have been among the most popular models sold in the UK ever since they graced our roads.

Not just because their looks shocked the average person because they were so angular and so not British, but because they were actually good. Really good.  

But which is right for you? Hopefully, our comparison review will help you to make a sensible and informed decision. 


on the right is a small section of a black Nissan Juke and on the right is the rear of a qashqai

You wouldn’t be wrong for thinking the Nissan Juke is a spaceship at first glance.

Ever since it came out back in 2010, this small crossover has been the car of choice for small families and those wanting to experience the world of SUVs without getting a really big car. 

What makes the Juke so popular is its size and now vast familiarity. It’s on the same level as a Ford Fiesta or Mini Cooper when it comes to recognition, which has really helped the brand become popular over here. 

On the other hand, the Qashqai comes across as a more serious version of the Juke. Not only is it a larger car, sitting in Nissan’s model line-up as a fully-fledged SUV, but it also feels more grown-up.

The most recent generation comes with more chrome body parts, higher-quality trim and an overall better interior. But it’s also available in some bright colours, so it’s not all that serious.  

What are they like to drive?

on the left is a red nissan juke driving away from the camera and on the right is a blue qashqai driving in the countryside

If you’re looking at buying a small crossover or SUV then there’s no doubt you’re after a smooth and easy ride.

Well, thankfully both the Juke and Qashqai offer just that. 

The Juke is a very easy and fuel-efficient car to drive.

Because of the raised driving position, it’s even easier to see what’s in front of you – and that can be really helpful when navigating tight roads or reversing into a parking space.  

Early versions were available with both petrol and diesel engines, but newer models only come with the former – which we’d say is the better engine choice for this car anyway. 

Like the Juke, the Qashqai benefits from a higher driving position but it takes it one step further with a really great suspension setup, which ensures the car is really smooth over bumpy surfaces.  

It’s quiet too, despite having either a petrol or diesel engine under the bonnet.

But out of all the choices on offer, the smaller engine is the more desirable, mainly because it’s smoother, happier to rev, quieter and more economical.  

Interior and technology

on the left is a black and red juke interior and on the right is a qashqai's steering wheel

With both these cars being Nissans, you can expect their interiors to be somewhat similar.

Both cars feature the brand’s NissanConnect infotainment system which is easy to use and crisp to view.

Newer Juke and Qashqai models get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto too, if you don’t fancy using the car’s system and just want to hook your phone up.  

There are many trim levels available on Juke models, including the Visia trim that gets you air-con, sports seats and six airbags.

Moving up is the Acenta, which has Bluetooth, a USB port and climate control. 

Tekna+ models get a DAB radio, air-con, cruise control, heated front seats, climate control and more – it’s really all you need. 

The Qashqai is also available with a variety of trim levels, ranging from the Visia to the top-spec Premiere Edition.

But no matter which one you opt for, you won’t be disappointed because the interior quality is on a par with its German alternatives. 

Boot space and practicality

on the left is the rear of a black and red nissan juke and on the right is the open boot of a grey qashqai

If bootspace and practicality are what you desire, then you'll admire the Qashqai.

Being a full-size SUV, you expect there to be plenty of space back there – and there is.

Its boot measures in at 504 litres, growing to 1,447 litres with the rear seats folded flat.

On top of this, there’s lots of space available for backseat passengers and plenty of cupholders and storage solutions too. 

But just because the Juke is smaller doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not big enough.

In fact, it’s far from it. Its boot measures in at 422 litres, which is impressive for a small crossover SUV, and rear legroom isn’t too compromised.

Sure, it’s not as roomy as its larger sibling, but it’s still plenty for most people.  

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Safety and reliability

Being a well-established Japanese brand, both these Nissans are going to be very reliable cars.

All of the petrol and diesel engines used are really solid and will continue to run smoothly for many, many miles to come. 

In terms of safety, both the Juke and larger Qashqai scored a full five marks following their most recent Euro NCAP crash testing.

This also showed great adult and child passenger safety scores – perfect for family cars. 


Nissan Juke

Length: 4210mm

Width: 1800mm

Height: 1577mm

Boot space: 422 litres

Nissan Qashqai

Length: 4425mm

Width: 1835mm

Height: 1625mm

Boot space: 504 litres

Verdict: Nissan Juke vs Nissan Qashqai: which should you buy?

When it comes down to it, either way you go, you won’t be disappointed.

We’re sure you’ve come to a conclusion yourself after reading this, but if not, perhaps our verdict will help. 

We’d recommend choosing the Nissan Juke if you’re after something that’s nimble, not too big and sits nice and high on the road.

After all, there’s nothing worse than feeling cramped and small on a big motorway. 

However, if you’d rather have more bootspace and extra practicality, then the Qashqai is by far the better choice.

This is a full-sized SUV that offers great levels of safety, is reliable and fits most families really well.

Have you ever seen a Qashqai and Doctor Who’s Tardis in the same room? No, because they are both the same practical vehicle.   

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