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Best used cars under £20,000 for 2024

Take a look at the best used cars under £20,000 that you can buy or finance in 2024

a red and black bmw i3 driving on a mountain road

With a budget of £20,000, the used car market is your oyster. It’s a reasonable chunk of cash with a huge array of options to discover.

Whether it’s city cars, hatchbacks, crossovers or even SUVs, there are plenty of different cars out there to suit different tastes.

And with £20k in your back pocket, there are some seriously impressive ones too.

Here are some of the best used cars you can buy for less than £20k:

Best used cars under 20k

  • Audi A3

  • Skoda Superb

  • Renault Kadjar

  • Peugeot 5008

  • Volkswagen Golf

  • Vauxhall Corsa

  • BMW i3

Audi A3

The front angle of a red Audi A3 S Line

Sitting at the top of the picks for small premium hatchbacks, the Audi A3 is a superb choice for any type of person.

Whether you have a growing family or are a single working professional, the used Audi A3 can do it all thanks to its spacious interior and reliable engine options.

There are a few different A3 trim levels to pick from, including the top-of-the-range Black Edition trim and entry-level Technik trim – both of which are kitted out with a great infotainment system with added Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.

Skoda Superb

A grey Skoda Superb

Perhaps a more sensible and grown-up option would be the Skoda Superb. Available in both saloon and estate form, a used Skoda Superb is a great all-around family vehicle that comes at a very competitive price point.

This long-standing model has received great praise since it first launched in 2002 and has been incrementally improved with every facelift.

It’s available with the choice of a petrol or diesel engine, as well as a plug-in hybrid variant – so there’s something for everyone.

You'll be able to secure a great deal on a used Superb model as well, making savings on the brand-new purchase price.

Renault Kadjar

a dark blue renault kadjar driving on a uk country road

We told you there’d be some SUVs on this list, and what a car to kick off that trend. The Renault Kadjar is one of the most popular mid-sized SUVs on the market because of its affordability and low running costs.

What makes this used Renault extra special is that it shares many of its parts with the Nissan Qashqai – another popular SUV in the same segment.

Models are available with either a petrol or diesel engine, and you have the choice of both automatic and manual gearboxes.

Peugeot 5008

a red peugeot 5008 driving on a uk road

Finding a good family SUV for around £20,000 sounds near impossible – until you discover this brilliant used Peugeot.

Okay, this is a little cheat as not all Peugeot 5008s can be had for less than £20k, but they are usually around this mark – some dipping below, some slightly above. But we added it because it offers such great value for money and is ideal for a larger family that needs the extra space.

This is especially true if you go for a used Peugeot 5008 - these can be found at brilliant prices.

And if you want to relax a bit more from your hectic family life, then don’t worry because the 5008 comes with an automatic gearbox option – making your life that little bit more faff-free.

Volkswagen Golf

a yellow/gold volkswagen golf driving on a road in the uk

Cut the world and it bleeds Volkswagen Golfs. There’s a reason VW has made 35 million of these and counting. Walk down almost any street in the UK, Europe and beyond, and you'll probably see a Golf.

Not only are they reliable, but they’re also perfect hatchbacks for families and couples alike. And considering you can get a great used Volkswagen example for less than £20k, why would you not consider one? It’s no doubt one of the best budget first cars for new drivers, too.

They can be had in a huge range of trim levels, from the basic Life all the way up to the full-fat GTI and Golf R models.

Vauxhall Corsa

an orange vauxhall corsa rear driving on a road

If you’re lucky enough to have a healthy £20k budget for your first car, then look no further than the Vauxhall Corsa, as you can bag almost any of the trim levels with this chunk of money.

Not only does this include the usual petrol and diesel models, but it also means you have enough spare to opt for the all-electric Corsa-e for some guilt-free driving.

But even if you don’t go for the EV, the petrol and diesel variants are both very economical and offer a smooth and pleasant driving experience.

BMW i3

a red and black bmw i3 driving through a mountain range

Coming as either a petrol-powered car with an electric range extender or as a full EV, the BMW i3 is a great option for city dwellers.

If you’ve recently moved to a city or you want a more suitable car for your city life, then this used BMW may be perfect for you. It’s stylish, has a great interior and is full of character to spice up your commute.

BMW made sure to use lots of environmentally-friendly eco materials when building the i3 to ensure it’s at one with nature. They also feature a carbon fibre aluminium body frame for extra rigidity.

What to look out for when buying a used car under 20k

When buying a used car, it's always best to choose a trusted seller to make sure you're getting what you pay for. All of our cars are given a full inspection before they're posted on our site and come with a free 90-day warranty, so you know you're getting good quality.

Once you've chosen your perfect used car, an HPI check can give you all the details about the vehicle. You'll find an HPI check particularly helpful if you're buying from a private seller.

These checks will highlight if the car has been stolen or written off, as well as other helpful bits of information that can aid your buying decision.

You might also want to look at things like the Euro NCAP safety rating of your car, as well as the miles per gallon figure, and any used car reviews.