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Best Mercedes SUV models to buy used 2024

Take a look at some of the best SUV models that you can buy used in 2024

a red Mercedes GLA driving in a town

Best Mercedes SUV options

As a brand, Mercedes-Benz has long been defined by its style and quality driving experience when you’re behind the wheel.

Its SUVs are no different, with mid-size and large models offering both luxury and practicality.

Whether you need the space for more passengers or loads of luggage, Mercedes SUVs never compromise on style.

Here are some of the best Mercedes SUVs to buy used in 2024.

Best Mercedes SUV

  • Mercedes-Benz GLE

  • Mercedes-Benz GLC

  • Mercedes-Benz GLB

  • Mercedes-Benz GLA

  • Mercedes-Benz G-Class

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What is the best Mercedes SUV?

Mercedes-Benz GLE

a dark blue Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 driving on a mountain road

There’s no better place to start than with the brand's most popular SUV, the Mercedes-Benz GLE. It also happens to be one of the best Mercedes SUV picks.

Originally released as an update to the M-Class, it became the GLE in 2019 and has stylish looks, luxury driving quality and plenty of space inside.

Our motoring editor, Sam Sheehan, says: "I love the luxury on offer in the GLE – both in the form of the equipment you get and the quality materials, particularly with the later model."

The GLE prioritises comfort for the driver and passengers without giving up space in the cabin and boot.

It’s practicality mixed with luxury – and did you ever think you’d see a Mercedes-Benz with off-road capabilities? Be honest.

Mercedes-Benz GLC

Saloon-style in an SUV form, the Mercedes-Benz GLC offers the sleek looks of a city car with the space of a 4x4 – and it’s also available as a coupé.

All of the petrol and diesel engines send power to all four wheels via an automatic gearbox, and they pack plenty of power even when the family and their luggage is onboard.

Sam says: "If you want something that’s going to glide over poor road surfaces and not get upset by potholes, the GLC is the SUV for you."

It's ideal to grab a used Mercedes GLC model as well, as these still get all the features and high-quality but at a lower price. A great deal on one of the best Mercedes SUV models.

Mercedes-Benz GLB

a grey Mercedes GLB driving on a mountain road

The Mercedes-Benz GLB is an SUV that offers the versatility of a compact SUV hybrid.

The GLB has a more squared look than other SUVs the brand offers, but this is built with purpose.

The back is designed to perfectly fit your suitcases without hassle, all while leaving the spacious cabin comfortable and safe.

Plus, you can save money by choosing a used GLB model.

Mercedes-Benz GLA

a red Mercedes GLA driving in a town

For fans of compact SUVs, look no further than a used Mercedes-Benz GLA. Similar in size to the A-Class hatchback, this diesel car offers easy driving and plenty of room for storage.

From the classy leather interiors and the modern technology at your fingertips to LED headlights lighting your way, the GLA has it all and is one of the best Mercedes SUV picks.

Sam thinks: "It does a great job of blending the chic looks of the A-Class hatchback with the purposeful SUV style buyers are after."

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

A grey Mercedes-Benz G-Class driving along a road

If you want an SUV that looks and feels like a stereotypical SUV, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class has the classic boxy body you’d expect for an off-road vehicle.

The G-Class has a timeless all-terrain vehicle appearance to rival classic Land Rover and Jeep models – built like a tank but with the elegance of an estate.

These models can be quite pricey, so choosing a used G-Class is an ideal way to cut back costs.

What makes a good Mercedes SUV?

The best Mercedes SUV is the one that suits your needs - what is it that you want from your car?

If you have a big family and need space, the Mercedes GLS is likely your best bet as it offers a third row of seats.

For trying out electric power, the Mercedes EQS SUV is a luxurious option. It's one of the most premium picks and offers just about every bell and whistle you could need.

We recommend making a list of just what you need from a Mercedes SUV and using our on-page filters to sort by models that hit your criteria.

What is the smallest Mercedes SUV?

The smallest Mercedes SUV is the GLA model, boosting the classic A-Class onto an SUV platform.

This is the one to pick if you love the SUV trend but don't need all of that extra space - although it's still comfortably roomy.

What is the square Mercedes SUV called?

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is probably the model you're thinking of when you describe it as 'square'.

The G-Wagon is a truly iconic model and does have a boxy shape that's eye-catching and unique. It's a real luxury model.

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