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vauxhall adam

Vauxhall Adam review

If you like to give your car a human name, this small Vauxhall already comes with one – Adam. Don’t worry, you can always rechristen it. The Adam comes with a range of customisation options and makes a good first-car alternative to the Fiat 500 and the Mini.


The Vauxhall Adam has more changes of outfit available than an Elton John tour. Vauxhall is aiming the Adam at young, hip and happening customers – or so the marketing people say. That means you’ve got a choice of 12 body colours, three roof colours and 20 wheel designs. Add to that bright-coloured logos and graphics, and you should never meet an Adam coming the other way that looks identical to yours. 

For a more sporting look, consider the Adam S. If you want to hang tougher still, there is also the Adam Rocks, which sits 15mm higher than the standard model and features beefed-up plastic bumpers and wheel arches. If you think of it as a car that makes life a little easier over speed bumps, rather than one for negotiating the boulder fields of Nepal, you’ll be on the right track. 

red vauxhall adam

Vauxhall is aiming the Adam at young, hip and happening customers

What’s it like to drive?

If you’re still having bad dreams about performing three-point turns in your recently passed driving test, or if parking brings you out in a cold sweat, the Vauxhall Adam makes for an excellent and reassuring choice of first car.  

 Its light steering takes the stress out of city driving, and although the ride can be a little on the firm side, the Adam is perfectly easy to drive on country roads too. Of the petrol engines on offer, we recommend the 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbocharged unit. It’s got a lively feel, sounds good and will get you from A to B with ease.  

red vauxhall adam driving

 Its light steering takes the stress out of city driving.


If you think the Adam’s name is a little out there, just wait till you hear the trim levels those wacky marketers came up with when they were hanging out on their bean bags – Jam, Glam and Slam. The good news is that even the entry-level Jam comes well equipped with features such as Bluetooth, a DAB digital radio and air-con fitted as standard.  

Vauxhall also offered the Adam with an optional seven-inch ‘IntelliLink’ touchscreen infotainment system at an affordable price, so many customers took it up when the car was new. If you find a car with it fitted, you can connect your smartphone and use its maps to navigate with. It’s easy to access some of the phone's apps as well and, where fitted, use a button on the steering wheel to control the system by voice to make telephone calls and select music. 

As with the outside, few Adams are the same inside thanks to the huge range of colour and trim options on offer. There are more than a dozen different seat trims and a multitude of different dashboard colours.  

Even the ceiling design comes in different styles, with choices such as a chequered design, autumn leaves, blue sky and even one with tiny LED lights twinkling down. Whichever trim you choose, the Adam is very solidly put together, and the seats provide good comfort. 

black and yellow vauxhall adam interior


While the Adam is obviously a small car, there’s a decent amount of space in the front seats. Not surprisingly, the rear of the cabin is more cramped, although young children will be quite content back there.  

Although the Adam’s glovebox is a bit on the small side, there are plenty of other useful storage areas, with a shelf for your phone, cup holders for drinks and door bins large enough for water bottles. No one expects a big boot with a car like this, and while the Adam’s is indeed small, you should be able to get a couple of aircraft cabin-size suitcases in there. 

red vauxhall adam

Running costs and reliability

Insurance won’t break your bank account as the Adam can be one of the most affordable cars to obtain cover for. Drive the 1.0-litre engine carefully and you could see up to 50mpg fuel economy, depending on the trim level (and how often you make short trips).

What we love

In a world where many cars look the same, the Adam is a breath of fresh air. With the huge array of colour and trim options on offer, you won’t find a pair of Adam’s that look or feel the same. It’s a great choice for younger motorists who are just starting out in their driving careers.

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The Vauxhall Adam is up against big city car and supermini players and is a worthy rival. It’s a great choice for first-time buyers, and half the fun in the buying process is in looking at all the different and very colourful trim choices on offer.

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