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white peugeot 2008

Peugeot 2008 review

The compact SUV market is a crowded one, so it’s not easy for any one manufacturer to stand out. This was certainly an issue for the first-generation Peugeot 2008. Following its 2020 facelift, this smart SUV has certainly become a key contender in the sector.


The first generation of Peugeot 2008 – available between 2013 and 2019 – seemed a little like the carmaker was paying lip service to creating the small SUVs that were becoming so popular. They took the 208 hatchback, and made it a little longer, a little taller and threw on roof bars for good measure. The results were a little underwhelming.  

The second generation of the 2008 – from 2020 onwards – is a very different story. Distinctive styling, a large, imposing grille and one of the best interiors in its class make it a car that you can’t help but notice.  

Contrasting roof colours and wing mirrors are stylish touches and even the wheel designs make sure it stands out from the crowd.   

white peugeot 2008

Contrasting roof colours and wing mirrors are stylish touches and even the wheel designs make sure it stands out from the crowd.   

What’s it like to drive?

The first-gen 2008s were not particularly good to drive due to light steering and suspension that transferred almost every bump in the road into the cabin. The improvements made in the second-generation models have been much appreciated.  

The suspension is still firm, though does a far better job at absorbing vibrations and there’s very little roll when cornering. The steering is precise, and all of the engines perform well in their own way.  

The automatic gearboxes in first-generation cars were described as feeling like a learner driver was in charge. Fortunately, this issue has also been resolved. 

white peugeot 2008 rear

The improvements made in the second-generation models have been much appreciated.  


Peugeot have worked hard to create interiors designed around drivers, while also making them distinctive in their own right. The second-generation 2008 is a case in point. 

It features their first i-Cockpit, which replaces traditional dials and other instruments with a laptop-style screen. Important information is at the forefront, with less vital elements like the fuel gauge behind it to create a 3-D effect. 

To make the screen visible to the driver, it’s meant having a smaller-than-usual steering wheel that some drivers find a little odd to use at first. This is adjustable and so is the driver’s seat, which is set on a sort of cradle and allows up and down movement to find the perfect driving position. 

There is also a central 10-inch touchscreen that works in tandem with the i-Cockpit display and which is also fully compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 

The seats themselves are very comfortable and supportive. Even on long journeys, you’ll still be quite relaxed when you have to answer the questions from behind you about whether we’re nearly there yet for the hundredth time. 

The use of materials in the cabin is generally of high quality and this has also had an effect on soundproofing. So it remains quiet and peaceful, even at motorway speeds. 

peugeot 2008 interior


Open the boot and you’ll find that it’s a little larger than most other cars in its class. The floor can be set at two different levels with the higher one giving only a small lip to get over when you’re loading heavy stuff like flat-pack furniture or holiday luggage.  

In terms of practicality, it can’t quite match up to the Renault Captur, whose sliding rear bench gives a little more flexibility. It’s very decent all the same. 

In the cabin, there are plenty of cubby holes and other spaces to store all those onboard essentials, as well as a very practical wireless phone charging point near the centre console that can also double up as a handy phone stand. 

white peugeot 2008 rear

Running costs and reliability

 Economy is important for most small SUV drivers, so the good news is that you won’t be making too many visits to the service station. Pick of the petrol engines for the 2008 is the Puretech 100 at around 50.4mpg while for the diesels it’s closer to 62.7mpg for the Blue HDi 100. 

What we love

Take a look at the Peugeot 2008, inside or out, and there’s no mistaking it for any other car. It’s inside the stylish, uniquely-designed cabin that it really comes into its own and makes you, the driver, feel like you’re in a truly state-of-the-art car.

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Peugeot has pulled out all the stops to make the second generation of the 2008 a much better version of the first. With a look all of its own, enough bells and whistles even in the most basic trim levels and a big, big boot it’s got to be near the top of the list of potential small SUV best buys.

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