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grey jeep grand cherokee driving

Jeep Grand Cherokee review

The Jeep Grand Cherokee fills a rather niche – yet rather large – gap in the market. While it can count a few others as rivals, no other 4x4 does luxury quite like this. With its serious off-road ability matched only by its premium quality and build, you could drive through the Himalayas in one of these and feel like you’re on a Sunday afternoon pootle through the grounds of a country estate.


This is a large car with an even larger personality. There’s a real distinction to the chassis of a Grand Cherokee. Spot one of these giant SUVs in your rear-view mirror and there’s no mistaking it for any other make or model. 

Whatever age of Cherokee you opt for, you’ll be buying a 4x4 with that recognisable large grill that just screams out ‘JEEP!’ 

Splash out on the newer models and you’ll be treated to a slightly narrower grill/headlight combo that almost looks like the car’s doing a rather impressive Clint Eastwood impersonation. Earlier models have that striking, wide-eyed and more characteristic look. These are big bold machines not lacking in confidence or swagger.

silver jeep grand cherokee in the desert

Whatever age of Cherokee you opt for, you’ll be buying a 4x4 with that recognisable large grill that just screams out ‘JEEP!’ 

What’s it like to drive?

There’s plenty of oomph to this beast of a car, as you might imagine – three-litre engines tend to offer that. Plus, there’s the four-wheel drive you’d expect that makes light work of any terrain. Built for off-road but adept on it, wherever you are, you never need to worry about whether your Grand Cherokee can handle it.

Of course, the vast majority of your driving will be on roads. For such a large and capable car, it’s surprisingly comfortable and handles rather smoothly. It’s not the quietest, but considering the size of the engine, there’s no real reason to complain on that front. 

The elevated seating position offers great visibility and a real confidence as you drive. The steering is pleasingly light too, no arm wrestling is required with the wheel. That said, this is still a car you know you’re driving – and it’s all the better for it.

grey jeep grand cherokee driving up mountain

The elevated seating position offers great visibility and a real confidence as you drive.


You won’t be too shocked to hear that the Jeep Grand Cherokee is rather roomy inside. The large and luxurious seats upfront feel like the kind of opulent leather armchairs you might find in a country club. There’s plenty of space for them too. Leg and headroom are also beyond generous throughout.

Since 2014, improvements have seen the Grand Cherokee’s interior improved so that it now rivals other cars in and around its class. Everything you’d hope for and expect is here: Quality-feeling surfaces and buttons, a well-finished cabin trim and a pleasing driver display. Opt for the higher-end models and you can add a whole raft of extra features to the package. 

jeep grand cherokee interior

The infotainment system is simple to use and has plenty of features which can be navigated on the built-in 8.4-inch screen. There's USB connectivity, DAB radio, Bluetooth, 3D sat-nav, a rear-view camera and even a voice-command function.

Music fans that like to crank the volume up while driving might be tempted to find and splash out on the Summit edition of the Cherokee. It features a Harman Kardon stereo with a subwoofer, an 825-Watt amp and a whopping 19 speakers.


A car of this scale and size is bound to offer plenty of expanse and elbow room inside. The Jeep Grand Cherokee doesn’t disappoint on this front. The only minor grump you may have is that there’s no option for a sixth or seventh seat. That said, the five you do get sit inside the Cherokee with more than enough room.

The boot is plenty big enough, although you get the impression that more space could have been created with a little more ergonomics at play. It’s a giant of a car, after all.

There are a few other missed opportunities when it comes to storage. There aren’t any clever little cubby holes and door bins are slightly smaller than you may like. The glove box is generously proportioned, however. And everything is present and correct with the cupholders.

Running costs and reliability

If you buy a Grand Cherokee you have to be prepared to spend a decent amount of money on fuel. This should come as no surprise considering the size of the vehicle. You can expect between 25 and 30 miles per gallon.

If you’ve got environmental concerns, this may not be the choice for you. And if you’re worried about reliability, Jeep rarely scores all that well in manufacturer reliability surveys – but as the saying goes, nothing is perfect. Albeit there are no widespread reports of any specific mechanical faults or issues with the Grand Cherokee.

 red Jeep grand cherokee driving

What we love

You want big and you want premium – oftentimes chunkier sports utility vehicles tick the size box, but can leave owners feeling a little like size isn’t everything. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the few cars to really lay on prestige with its tremendous scale. It’s perfect for off-roading or just tackling challenging country roads. Just make sure you’ve got space to park it, eh?

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The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a mammoth of a car. Balancing ruggedness with luxury is no mean feat and yet Jeep manages it here for the most part. The interior is swish but could be a little more refined. You get the vague sense that space hasn’t been used 100% effectively. Those thoughts soon vanish when you drive what is a very fun 4x4 indeed.

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