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blue jaguar f-type

Jaguar F-Type review

A British-built sports car is a rare thing these days. The Jaguar F-Type is here to keep the breed not just alive, but continuing to thrill drivers. It brings together top-drawer heritage with contemporary tech and design, giving you the best of both worlds


Breathtaking. That’s the only word that really describes the look of the F-Type. You can see the sinuous and sleek lines of the 1960s classic E-Type in its design. Yet this is also very much its own car.  

While the coupé features a more flowing profile, the convertible roadster gives you the chance to feel the wind in your hair (if you’ve still got some). The big wheels and twin, double exhausts complete the super-car looks and underline the fact this is a car that’s been built for speed.  

All in all, these stylish touches combine to create a thrilling driving experience. 

blue jaguar f-type driving

All in all, these stylish touches combine to create a thrilling driving experience. 

What’s it like to drive?

It’s a bit like asking whether Rafa Nadal is any good at tennis. Jaguar designed the F-Type as a car that gives a perfect driving experience. The handling is sharp, the performance is exhilarating and even the suspension is a little more forgiving than you might expect.  

Depending on the model, there’s a choice of rear- or all-wheel drive. The latter gives you an intelligent adjustment system that splits the power between the front and rear wheels to suit the driving style and road conditions.  

The long bonnet and not great visibility mean it can be tricky to drive around town - front sensors and a rear parking camera are useful features to look for in a used F-Type.

blue jaguar f-type driving

The performance is exhilarating and even the suspension is a little more forgiving than you might expect.  


Slip into the driver’s seat in an F-Type and you know that you’re in a sports car. The seat is low and the immediate feeling is that you’re enveloped in a cockpit with all the controls you need close at hand. Because the sports seats are so low, there’s plenty of headroom for passenger and driver alike. Their firm contouring also holds you snugly, even when quickly going into corners. 

Rubber-coated toggles let you click switches satisfyingly into place and there are other nice touches, like the fresh air vents that only pop up from the dashboard when you turn on the system. 

Go for a convertible model and you can open or close the roof at any speed up to 30mph, perfect for when the sun comes out or if you’re feeling a little too buffeted by the wind. 

In terms of infotainment, you might find the touchscreen is a bit fiddly to use when driving. So, if you want to fiddle with exhaust or suspension settings on the move, it can be an issue. We’d always suggest pulling over to change settings.  

jaguar f-type interior


For all its verve, it’s worth remembering that the F-Type is a genuine two-seater sports car with no room for passengers - however much they may want to come along for the ride. 

We know you wouldn’t expect to be able to pack up this car for a camping trip. Still, you might hope for a bit more space than you get. Boot space is very limited in both the coupé and soft-top models.  

The good news for convertible owners is that having the roof down doesn’t take up any of the valuable storage space. As it is, you won’t get more than a couple of overnight bags into the boot so forget about grand tours of Europe and think more of mini-breaks to Cornwall instead.  

Running costs and reliability

You’ll be striking up quite a relationship with the staff at your local service station if you take the plunge and buy a Jaguar F-Type. At best you’ll be getting around 35mpg. If you choose one of the bigger-engined cars-like the V8 SVR-you’ll be lucky to get 25mpg.

What we love

Iconic is a word that’s over-used these days. It really is true about the F-Type. With Jaguar’s history for producing smart, sleek and high-performance sports cars, this is a model that more than lives up to their reputation. It’s amazing to drive, more comfortable than you might expect and its exhaust sound alone is enough to give you goosebumps.

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If you’ve ever wanted to drive a legend then the Jaguar F-Type could well be the car for you. If its looks don’t get you plenty of attention then the throaty rumble of its exhaust will. It’s definitely not a car that will blend into the background.

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