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green audi a5

Used Audi A5 review

The Audi A5 is a premium range of sleek four-seaters that are available in 3 different body styles — the three-door Coupé, five-door Sportback and two-door Cabriolet. The common factor is they are all sporty, head-turning versions of the tried-and-tested A4 saloon, and each shares its impressive range of engines and equipment. Which is the right one for you?


Whether you’re looking for the fastback styling of the Coupé or Sportback, or the wind-in-the-hair potential of the Cabriolet, these are cars specially designed to look more exciting than their A4 saloon stablemates.  

While you may have the same engine and trim level as an A4 executive saloon, an A5 will have a very different image. There’s nothing flash or cheap about its curves. The A5 lines are all about cool, timeless style that won’t go out of fashion. This is a classy, up-market trio that retain the family design elements that immediately identify a car as an Audi. 

It may help understand the range when you see that in the used Audi line-up, the A5 slots between the A4 and the larger A6 saloon, which has its own coupé offshoot too, called the A7. 

 The A5 lines are all about cool, timeless style that won’t go out of fashion.

What’s it like to drive?

 The A5 range has been on sale in the UK since 2007 and there have been plenty of upgrades and changes since. So there are a lot of engines and versions to consider. The over-riding feeling is that these are cars built for smooth, comfortable cruising. Take them on long trips and you’ll be justly rewarded.  

They are Audis of course, which is a byword for refined motoring. Perhaps the A5 is less of an outright sports car than some rivals - or even Audi’s TT range. The complex A5 category includes plenty of cars with high-powered engines, 4-wheel drive and special sports suspension, as well as more economic and sedate models. There’s something among them for all types of drivers. 

Audi A5 rear

There’s something among them for all types of driver. 


The exterior of these cars has been specially crafted to turn heads. When you get inside, you’ll find the A5’s interior is even better than the outside. Audi cabins are some of the best in the business, and the A5 range features some of their best examples.  

The design is elegant and unfussy, the materials are prestigious and durable. The level of technology onboard always seems to be up there with the best, whatever trim level you choose and whatever age the vehicle.  

Dashboard design splits opinion. Some prefer jazzier consoles and controls, others like the Audi’s conservative arrangement. It’s hard to generalise as you’ll find the driver’s layout has been upgraded significantly over the years and there is a broad range of equipment and how it is arranged. Whichever version you go for, rest assured that everything in the A5 cabin feels solid and thoughtfully put together.  

Of course, you don’t really buy a Coupé or Cabrio because you want lots of space. The very sleekness of the design reduces the space that a saloon or hatch would offer. The A5 is quite cunning - we’re not talking Tardis standard, though the front seat area is comfortable and airy and leg room isn’t bad all around. The back can seat two adults adequately. That sloping roofline does reduce space for tall passengers. 

Audi A5 interior


The A5’s boot is bigger than you’d expect for a Coupé or Cabrio, and the back seats split and fold to increase your carrying capacity. The Cabrio’s boot is of course impacted by the roof mechanism. 

That classic Audi cabin has plenty of stowage spaces. All have a good level of standard equipment, too. Later A5s come with sophisticated infotainment systems including a link to Audi Connect, which gives drivers up-to-date mobile information via 4G. 

Built-in safety features are another Audi strong point. More recent versions of the A5 are likely to have stability control and emergency braking, and some models can be fitted with blind-spot monitoring and lane departure warnings.  

Running costs and reliability

With such a wide range of models, engines and body styles it’s hard to summarise the A5’s running costs. The fuel consumption across the whole range is enormous - from 23mpg to 67mpg. As a rough rule of thumb, the smaller petrol engines and most diesels give the best fuel economy. Check the official manufacturers’ figures for the model you are looking at.  

Overall Audi running costs can be higher than average because of the premium nature of its dealers and the more sophisticated engineering in some versions. You get what you pay for though.  

What we love

Whether it’s a 2-door Coupé or Cabrio, or 5-door Sportback, the cool, sleek looks of the A5 are the big selling point. Add in a prestige badge, classy cabin and a wide range of versions to choose from and it’s no surprise it has been such a successful package. Quattro 4-wheel-drive models add extra grip in all conditions too.

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This might be a different trio of cars, but each A5 shares the same sense of style, refinement and quality. There’s something in this range for everyone who likes to look good on the road and plenty to keep drivers and passengers comfortable and entertained.

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