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Smart Fortwo – cinch Weekend Wheels

The tiny little electric car brings adorable quirkiness to the streets near you


Not everyone wants a four or five-seater. Some people just want to nip from A to B by themselves or with a friend - one passenger is quite enough thank you. Enter the Smart Fortwo…

The Smart Fortwo does exactly what it says on the tin. It is the smallest fully-electric car you can buy in the UK today - and a stark contrast to the Smart #1 electric SUV that's soon to arrive on roads as its sibling. Our chosen 2020 model here is an EQ Edition with a 60kW battery and a claimed range of 75-88 miles.

Okay, that's not a lot of range compared with other EVs, but for a car dedicated to urban life, it's more than reasonable. Plenty of inner city motorists only travel a handful of miles per day; such a lifestyle could easily see out the week with only one battery top-up necessary. And thanks to its fairly small battery capacity, charging to 80% can take as little as 40 minutes. An overnight charge on a conventional plug is around eight hours.

A huge part of the Fortwo’s charm is its looks. The 2020 version had a bit of refresh with a smoother, more aerodynamic front (the discontinued petrol model's grille is gone), new wheels, and a refreshed rear spoiler. The charcoal grey of this car, with the black accents, makes for an edgy and cool look. It’s the most mini of the superminis; it's hard not to love.

Smart Fortwo The 2020 car's interior was also updated with a new centre console, with cupholders and a tray for your mobile phone, which the previous version didn’t get. This car's charcoal and black interior theme matches the exterior, and the neon red adds a bit of flamboyance. It's appropriately basic in places; there's are analogue dials, and the vents (which blow aircon) sit proud on top of the dash. But this chunky and funky vibe feels perfect for the eccentricity level of this car. You're not short on tech, either: satnav, Bluetooth, DAB radio and heated seats are fitted to the cabin. You also get parking sensors, a rear view camera and cruise control.

Smart Fortwo interiorAnd don't forget, as a proper electric car the Smart ForTwo is ULEZ-exempt, and it sneaks through the congestion charge zone without a fee, too. This feels especially useful in the year before the ULEZ zone expands in London.

Better still, the Smart Fortwo we've highlighted is up for £18,500 or the equivalent monthly rate, which is a no brainer when you think of the savings you’ll make by avoiding those petrol pumps. Pop across to our online showroom if you’ve fallen head over heels for this tiny four-wheel partner in crime, like we have.