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New Maserati Grecale to face Macan and F-Pace

The battle for premium SUV honours is about to get even closer with this new Italian offering.

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Premium Italian car maker Maserati is hoping its new Grecale SUV will lure buyers away from the Porsche Macan and Jaguar F-Pace in one of the UK’s fastest-growing car categories. That’s a bold ask, but this new Italian model enters the field with handsome looks, powerful engines and – from 2023 – an all-electric version, so it’s got plenty going for it. Arriving just weeks after the brand revealed its attention-grabbing MC20 supercar, the Grecale appears poised to become Maserati’s best-selling model yet. Doesn’t it look terrific?

Mixing Maserati’s signature front grille design into a muscular, squat SUV body, the Grecale packs plenty of presence, especially in the yellow shade of paint worn by the car pictured here. If you think the Grecale's rear-end silhouette looks a little familiar, it’s because the car's underpinnings are shared with Maserati’s sister company Alfa Romeo and its Stelvio SUV. But don’t get things twisted; the Grecale is a proper Maserati model, not least because it comes out of the starting blocks with the company’s new turbocharged V6 engine, shared with the high-performance MC20, no less.

The V6 (an engine that uses six cylinders arranged in a V-shape, for those wondering) is a 3.0-litre with anything up to 530hp of muscle, if you go for the top-spec Trofeo model. If you prefer efficiency over grunt, there’s also a mild hybrid model with a turbocharged 2.0-litre engine and an electric motor, together producing a respectable 300hp and enabling as much as 32.5 miles per gallon of fuel efficiency on a run – according to Maserati. All versions use all-wheel drive and automatic gearboxes, so they’ll likely be easy to drive and grippy on the road.

They ought to be comfortable too, with optional air suspension there to cushion rough road surfaces, as well as offer a higher ride height that’s said to be suited to off-road driving. Not that we’re suggesting many Maserati drivers would deliberately get their shiny Italian SUV dirty in the muck. Certainly, you won’t want to be bringing muddy wellies anywhere near that interior, which is finished with leathers and enough loveliness to confirm this car’s true, plush intentions. You also get a digital instrument cluster and infotainment screen, as per 2020s tradition.

Overall, the Grecale looks like a great proposition, but it’ll be no easy feat to lure buyers away from the Macan, F-Type and even Stelvio. Buyers in this segment are already spoilt for choice – see our extensive supply of over 1,900 SUVs for evidence – but if Maserati’s newcomer can walk the walk when it reaches roads later this year, we doubt many would mind having another option to consider. Rest assured cinch is working behind the scenes to give you a verdict from behind the wheel as soon as possible. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see it first.