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New MG sports car due in 2023

Electric two-seater could bring back the legendary MG B nametag. Or C, or F, or TF...

MG’s fortunes in the UK have been positively transformed by the launch of its 5 estate in recent months, but the Chinese-owned (and formerly English) brand wants to inject a bit of excitement into its line-up with a new sports car.

Previewed in a video featuring what looks like a production version of the striking Cyberster concept of 2021 (pictured below), the sports model will resurrect one of MG’s iconic nameplates from the 20th century when it goes on sale in 2023 – although we’re not quite sure which one yet.

Icons of MG’s past include the MG B, C and T, as well as the TF that sold right up until the end of MG’s original lifespan in 2005, before it was brought back to life by SAIC Motors.

MG front

Whatever the nameplate, the machine itself will use all-electric power provided by SAIC technology, likely enabling supercar-aping performance. Or at least that’s what the Cyberster concept suggested, as it was claimed to hit 60mph in three seconds. It was also said to be capable of 500 miles of range.

Stats for the production car are – of course – yet to be announced, but it’s likely that the model will share components with the incoming new MG 4 electric hatchback, albeit with everything ramped up to enable a more appropriately sporting experience.

With the battery located in the car's floor and an anticipated even split of motors (one driving the front wheels and one driving the back wheels), there ought to be a low centre of gravity and a balanced spread of weight – ideal traits for a two-seater sports car.

MG Production Teaser

While MG traditionalists are unlikely to be interested in an electric sports car using components shared with a hatchback, for everyone else, the prospect of a fun-focused EV is really quite exciting.

Why? There are plenty of high-powered electric cars on sale (from the likes of Tesla, Porsche and many more), but there aren’t many options for EV fans that want a fun car on a relative budget. Models like the Cupra Born and BMW’s discontinued (but still available on cinch) i3 S offer sporty electric hatchback thrills. But non-premium sports cars in the manner of the Mazda MX-5 and even MG's long-discontinued TF, are not yet readily available.

If the pricing is right, that could change with the MG sports car of 2023. Here’s hoping anyway. It’ll certainly take a bit of the sting out of the disappointment that Tesla's second-gen (and highly anticipated) Roadster has been delayed until at least 2023. Watch this space.

By Sam Sheehan