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Bentley Continental GT – cinch Weekend Wheels

Summer droolin' is happening...

a grey bentley continental gt

There’s a lucky person out there who feels like treating themselves to an amazing car to ride around in this never-ending summer – and if you’re that person, we’ve got the car for you: THIS Bentley Continental GT. 

Bentley Continental GTs have been making people drool since the 2003 launch. 2017 was a year of big change for this car, so you’re getting a good one here with a 4.0-litre V8 automatic.

This V8 version ran from 2012-2018 and has twin-turbo engines developed with Audi. It has a whole new platform – part designed with Porsche – that hugely improves the underpinnings of the old car. Expect a lighter, stronger, stiffer car with a much better drive.

And the top speed? 192mph (not that we advise speeding of course!) When it comes to driving, this GT is pretty heavenly, with a sportier driving position than previous models and much more dynamism.

You can select from Comfort, Bentley and Sport driving modes, but this car is always light and the steering is pinpoint-sharp.

Bentley Continental GT

So we’ve gone straight into the heart of the matter with the drive, but we can’t ignore the looks can we?

Finished in dark grey, this car is just delicious. It’s classy, yet the right amount of intimidating – Bruce Wayne would approve, we think.

In the world of sometimes undistinguishable luxury cars, the Bentley Continental GT is instantly recognisable, with the upright Bentley grille, strong haunches and bulky yet graceful stance.

The interior is quite practical as sports cars go too, with four seats, all uber-luxe quilted leather with the red stitching and the iconic Bentley badge stamped into the headrest.

Plus, the boot actually fits weekend bags and a small suitcase, so look forward to those long weekends away with a fitting wardrobe …!

Bentley Continental GT interiorConsidering the price tag, it’s only right that this GT comes with lots of tech and safety features.

Sat nav, Bluetooth, heated and cooling seats, rear view camera, parking sensors and a handy electronic tailgate are just a few of the helpful goodies you get.

This car is a rarity because you will actually love living with it, unlike some supercars and sports cars that are mad fun to drive but you just don’t reach for day to day. You'll spend the money, but get the return and feel mighty fine as you do.

It’s £80,650 to pay in full on our online showroom or the equivalent monthly rate and the summer buy of the season. Add to basket now and feel fabulous in this fantastic summer weather.