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Aston Martin Vantage – cinch Weekend Wheels

Like your martinis shaken? We have just the car for you.

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If, like us, you’re all excited about that new film about that British spy who likes martinis made in a shaker, you’re likely to agree that having an Aston Martin Vantage as a weekend toy is a fine idea for suggestion. A fresh arrival into the our digital showroom, this V8-powered sports car goes as fantastically as it looks and sounds. And believe us, it sounds superb, with the sort of muscular, deep-throated vocals any budding international spy would find appealing.

You certainly don’t need a to be all cloak and dagger to enjoy this Aston Martin over the weekend. Thanks to the British company’s well-proven engineering strengths, the Vantage is a beautifully balanced and well-judged offering to the sports car world. Combined with a Mercedes-AMG sourced twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre engine, the Vantage has a level of cohesion that rivals even the greatest in this class. Plenty have been tempted away from a Porsche 911 into Aston’s alternative.

Far from being just a fine suit on wheels, the Vantage is genuinely exciting, too. With 510hp it can crack 62mph in 3.6 seconds and power on to 195mph. Only a couple of decades ago, that would have ranked it close to the pointy end of supercardom. Even when measured by the 2021 yardstick, this is an engaging car to drive on fun roads, but it can also be docile, measured and calming. And not by accident – Aston Martin developed the Vantage to be capable of long distance drives, the sort that might include taking the scenic route through the hills on a trip to Monte Carlo.

Or, indeed, your local superstore. You can use a Vantage routinely and normally, partly thanks to its compact dimensions – it’s about 40mm shorter than a Ford Mondeo – and partly thanks to how well-tuned this powerful package is. Cruising around town in traffic in this automatic sports car needn’t be any more challenging than it would in your average hatchback, unless, that is, you want to go unnoticed. Rest assured the Vantage remains as much as a head-turner today as it was when this latest version landed in 2018.

This isn’t a car that needs much in the way of bling to look great, and no clearer is that than in the car currently in cinch’s stock. This white Vantage looks wonderfully pure on its 10-spoke, 20-inch alloys, and its dark red leather interior is as welcoming as a soft sofa in front of the fireplace on a cold and rainy autumn day. It’s absolutely lovely. This particular car is – as you’d expect from cinch – in fine, fine condition, with only 9,800 miles on its odometer. Yet it’s priced at only £96,450, which is £25k less than the starting price of a brand-new Vantage – and that doesn’t include the many thousands most buyers spend on options. Plenty left in the tank, then, for those weekend getaways.