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Ford Focus boot size: how big and how wide?

The Ford Focus is a brilliant all-rounder with a practical edge, but how practical is the boot?

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Ford Focus boot size

The Ford Focus is a real cult favourite on UK roads, thanks to its ability to appeal to just about anyone.

The classic design is timelessly modern, while the interior is kitted out in hardwearing materials and touches of tech.

It’s also comfortable and easy to drive, making it an impressive all-rounder.

When it comes to space, the Focus performs well. It’s not the biggest car on the market and there are other options if you want a huge boot (like the Skoda Superb estate with 660 litres), but it will be more than enough for most motorists.

There’s also the choice of the classic model or the Ford Focus estate, the latter offering even more space.

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What are the Ford Focus boot dimensions?

The classic Ford Focus five-door is the model you’ll likely envision when the Focus comes to mind.

Its boot is roomy and easy to access and is just slightly smaller than the Volkswagen Golf.

There’s also the Ford Focus estate model if you need a bit more room in the boot and enjoy the low and slender design.

Ford Focus five-door dimensions

  • Load width (between wheelhouses): 1,016mm

  • Load length to first row of seats: 1,624mm

  • Load length to second row of seats: 844mm

Ford Focus estate dimensions

  • Load width (between wheelhouses): 1,150mm

  • Load length to first row of seats: 1,047mm

  • Load length to second row of seats: 1,047mm

Overall, the Focus estate has the largest capacity at the rear and is ideal if you know you’ll want to fit pushchairs and suitcases.

The hatchback model is still spacious and will fit most pushchairs and other large loads with no issues, but the estate allows for a little extra room on top of that.

An up close image of the Ford Focus ST Wagon boot with the rear seats folded

How big is a Ford Focus boot?

The Ford Focus boot is roomy no matter the option you choose, but the estate model is best to pick if you need plenty of space.

Ford Focus Estate boot dimensions

In the Focus estate, you’ll get a 575-litre boot with the rear seats still in place. If you fold down the rear seats, your boot will be extended to a massive 1,650-litre offering.

Ford Focus boot dimensions

The Ford Focus hatchback is slightly smaller but still has an impressive 375-litre boot. This is just five litres smaller than the 380-litre boot in the VW Golf, so it measures up well next to rivals.

If you pop the rear seats down in the hatchback, you’ll get 1,237 litres of space that’s perfect for the occasional large load.

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How many seats in a Ford Focus?

In all Ford Focus models, you’ll find a spacious cabin with five seats. There are options for five-door or three-door models, depending on the model you choose.

Three-door models are no longer sold as brand-new, and you’ll need to find a used model if this is your preference.

There are no seven-seater Focus models on offer, but you might be tempted by the Grand C-MAX or S-MAX models if you want a Ford with seven seats.

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