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What does GTD stand for with Volkswagen?

You might have heard of Volkswagen GTI models, but what are GTD editions? 

A white Golf GTD

What does 'GTD' mean?

There are plenty of acronyms in the Volkswagen vehicle lineup, but ‘GTD’ might be one of the lesser-known.

GTD stands for ‘Gran Turismo Diesel,’ and describes the sporty diesel Volkswagen Golf model.

It’s a great alternative to the Golf GTI models (‘Grand Touring Injection’, before you ask) and is more frugal on the fuel, but it does supply slightly less horsepower and torque.

There are even now GTE models – standing for ‘Gran Turismo Electric’. This one is ideal for switching to an electric car with an impressive pop of performance.

The latest Golf GTD model comes with a 2.0-litre TDI engine and offers 400Nm of torque with 200hp.

You can also find used Volkswagen models on the market if you want to save money on a GTD option.

The history of GTD cars

The first-ever Golf GTD model appeared on the market in 1983 and was one of the original sporty hatchbacks. It was even ahead of premium manufacturers like BMW and its used BMW options.

This first GTD model was powered by a 1.6-litre turbo diesel engine that pushed out 70hp, and the car has come a long way since then.

Today’s models are more powerful and refined when it comes to design and technology.

The GTD has gained a loyal fanbase through being a fast and performance-focused hatchback that’s still frugal to run, with VW claiming a brilliant 67.3mpg statistic alongside 0-62mph in 7.5 seconds.

It’s roomy and practical too, with up to 380 litres of bootspace.

What is Golf Turbo Diesel? VW TDI explained

Golf Turbo Diesel is a type of engine that you can get in VW Golf models. Usually described as TDI models, these are advanced diesel engines with direct fuel injection and a turbocharger.

To work, engines need oxygen to burn through fuel, and a turbocharger allows more air to enter the system.

The turbocharger draws in air and then is cooled down by the intercooler, then makes its way into the combustion chamber where diesel is injected into the cylinders.

Combining cool air and atomised fuel in this way creates highly efficient combustion.

TDI engines are ideal if you want brilliant torque with low running costs, as these models won’t burn through huge amounts of fuel.

A close up of under the bonnet in the new golf GTD

GTD in the Volkswagen Golf range

The Volkswagen Golf GTD is the one to pick if you want a performance-focused hatchback that still places importance on fuel economy.

This makes it a great daily runner for motorists who want a bit of fun on the commute.

While Turbo Diesel or TDI refers to the engine in VW Golf models, GTD is actually the trim level of the car.

There are other trims to choose from in the Golf range, including the Golf R-Line, Active, Alltrack, and R models.

Each of these comes with its own range of features.

The Volkswagen Golf Life model is the entry-level option and is ideal if you want the charm of the Golf without tons of bells and whistles.

You’ll still get features like rear parking sensors, adaptive cruise control and dynamic road sign display, plus ambient interior lighting.

The Golf R-Line model is the best pick if you want a sporty look from your car but don’t need what’s under the bonnet to match.

While it’s still fun the drive, the R-Line puts its focus on looking the part with R-Line-specific bumpers, sports seats, and 17-inch alloys.

There’s still sports suspension and additional driver modes, so the overall drive is improved.

The Golf R is the ultimate performance model in the range and even includes four-wheel drive from the VW 4Motion setup.

It’s a lot of fun on the roads and looks the part as well.

What should you expect from a GTD Volkswagen model?

The Volkswagen Golf GTD is one of the most economical choices you can make for a performance-focused diesel.

It’s similar to the GTI model in build, including an iconic honeycomb grille and LED lights, plus 18-inch alloys.

The newest models on the market get features like driver profile selection for tailoring your perfect drive, rear tinted glass, and a leather-wrapped and heated multi-function steering wheel.

It’s impressive to drive as well, with agile suspension that makes light work of twists and bends, plus the option to add adaptive dampeners.

There are three driving modes to cycle through – Normal, Eco and Sport. This further supports the balance between a sporty hatchback and an economical and practical vehicle, so you can justify it as a sensible car.

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