Used SEAT cars for sale

The Barcelona-based brand SEAT takes the engineering of its Volkswagen parent company then adds its own Spanish sense of style to make some very cool cars.

Find cinch’s full range of used cars from SEAT for sale in your area below, all less than 7 years old and under 70,000 miles.

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Used SEAT cars for sale

The cinch commitment

  • All cars under 7 years
  • All under 70,000 miles
  • Over 100,000 vetted cars
  • More than 1,000 approved dealers
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Jargon Buster

What is a car platform?

A car platform is the underbody and set of major components shared by a number of different models and even types of cars.
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What is a panoramic sunroof?

A panoramic roof is a sunroof that extends the whole length of a car’s roof.
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What does the Isofix system in a car do?

Isofix is a system for attaching child car-seats using metal anchor points built in to the chassis of the car that allow the car seat to simply click onto them.
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What is a saloon car?

A saloon car has the engine, passengers and cargo in separate compartments. It tends to have four doors and two rows of seats.
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What is a mid-engine car?

A mid-engine car has its engine between the rear and front axles, usually behind where the passengers sit, a layout most commonly found in sports cars.
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What is a grand tourer?

A grand tourer. or GT, is a high-performance car that is more practical than an out-and-out sports car, because it can cover longer distances and often has four seats and a larger boot.
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