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volvo v60

Volvo V60 review

Once upon a time, Volvo had the reputation for producing safe and reliable cars that were about as exciting as a third-rate ABBA tribute band. Luckily, they’ve upped their game since then to take on prestige options like used BMW or used Audi models - and the V60 is a great example of just how they’ve succeeded.


The Volvo DNA is undoubtedly strong in the V60 - so you can see the classic lines of their old-style cars in their modern ones. The V60 pulls off the great trick of being unmistakably a classic Volvo and an absolutely contemporary car. Hard corners are rounded off and the contoured doors and gently curved bonnet and roof lines even make it look a little sporty. 

The back tailgate is fairly vertical, a reminder of the old Volvo boxiness. This doesn’t affect the overall look of the car and the main advantage is that it means even more useful storage space in the boot.  

Besides the basic body shape, there’s also the Cross Country AWD model with more robust styling and bigger ground clearance that’s handy if you’re planning to off-road. 

grey volvo v60 estate rear

The Volvo DNA is undoubtedly strong in the V60

What’s it like to drive?

Even though it’s pitching itself as a rival to BMW and Audi estates, the V60 has obviously been designed to give a comfortable instead of a sporty ride. The result is that it might not have the sharp handling of its rivals, but it makes for a more relaxing journey, especially on long motorway trips. 

It wouldn’t be a Volvo if it wasn’t fully kitted out with safety features. The list of these is almost endless including its Pilot Assist feature that will keep you a safe distance from the car in front when you’re travelling at your set speed. It‘ll also keep you in lane and steer around gentle bends. It’s not quite driverless travel though as you’ll get a reminder beep if you take your hands off the wheel. Naughty.  

volvo v60 driving

It wouldn’t be a Volvo if it wasn’t fully kitted out with safety features


Slipping into the V60’s cabin is as relaxing and calming as you’d expect to be, especially when you compare it to the harder, more business-like interiors of its BMW and Audi equivalents. The clear, clean dashboard and nine-inch infotainment screen have a simplicity to them. Throughout the interior, you’ll find that quality materials have been used with light materials to increase the airy feel. 

The seats in the front are almost unbelievably comfortable and finding the perfect driving position is easy as they are so adjustable. The rear seats are equally supportive with enough headroom and legroom even for the tallest adults. The only small issue is that if the driver’s seat is in its lowest position the foot space underneath for rear-seat passengers can be a bit of a squash. 

The infotainment system is pretty simple and intuitive to use with the most recent used V60s also having full Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility. There’s also full-voice activation for the system that makes it that bit safer and more convenient to use while you’re barrelling along at 70 on the motorway. 

volvo v60 interior


Even with the rear seats in place, the boot of the V60 is as big as you’ll find in any mid-sized executive estate. Put them down and the space is massive – and certainly big enough to swallow up the results of a major shopping expedition to that other Swedish furniture favourite.  

There are plenty of other thoughtful touches including lashing points to stop your cargo moving around and a vertical divider for the same purpose. You’ll enjoy the various cubby holes in the cabin including pretty generous door pockets and a glove box that can hold much, much more than just a few pairs of gloves. 

Running costs and reliability

There are three different 2-litre petrol engines that you can choose with varying power outputs.All offer around the same fuel consumption with an average of about 40mpg. There’s just one diesel engine, the B4, and this will give you around 51mpg. Pick the Polestar hybrid, on the other hand, and you could be looking at around 80mpg.

What we love

Volvo have really pushed the boat out to create an estate that’s practical, good looking, comfortable and safe. The V60 is a much “friendlier” car than the BMW and Audi equivalents which makes it perfect for families who want a carthat’s equally at home on a trip to the shops or heading off on a camping trip to France. 

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It’s no big surprise that the V60 has picked up a boot-full of awards from the motoring press as a class leader. When it comes to combining quality, comfort and safety, it’s the real deal–and then some.

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