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A yellow SEAT Mii

SEAT Mii review

Small cars for first-time drivers or more cautious drivers who want a dependable little nip-around don’t always come first in the style stakes. The SEAT Mii, however, is a hatchback that brings the fashionable touch to the affordable city car category. 



The Mii’s been around since 2012, and it’s always been slightly overlooked, sitting between the more premium first child, the Volkswagen Up!, and the younger less expensive child, the Skoda Citigo.

They – like siblings – share the same architecture, so the similarity in looks is obvious. The main differences are between the fronts of the three cars. 

The Mii is very similar to the Up! and Citigo in profile, but it gets a funkier front with a narrower arrowhead grille and oversized headlights on the flanks. The zig-zag rear lights are also a neat feature.  

But the Mii has true design flair, and that makes it stand out.

Over the years, SEAT has worked with big players in the fashion industry – such as Cosmopolitan and Mango – to create unique trims and special editions of the Mii through collaborations.

SEAT Mii trims kick off with the Mii SE – 14- inch alloy wheels, body colours mirrors and door handles and tinted glass – and ends with the range-topping Mii Cosmopolitan. With this trim, expect more styling pack options, lower suspension and glossier finishes. 

The Mii has true design flair and that makes it stand out

What's it like to drive?

Again, due to the three cars’ shared platform, the Mii is pretty similar to the up! and Citigo when it comes to driving.

All three have a three-cylinder engine and the same mechanical setup. There are two 1.0-litre petrol engines to choose from, and both will be equally comfortable going down the motorway and around the streets of your local town or city.

It can be slightly bumpy on uneven roads, but the steering is light and responsive and the manual gearbox is a dream. 

In 2019, the Mii went electric-only. If you buy a post-2019 model, expect an 83hp-producing electric motor with a range of 161 miles.

For a three-door city car, that’s more than enough range to cover the average miles a UK driver covers in a week.  

Combine the benefits of driving an electric car with the natural affinity the Mii has for towns and cities, with its small turning circle and ability to park and manoeuvre so easily, and you’ve really got a great car for urban living. 


You’ve really got a great car for urban living


The interior is another area in which the Mii shines, thanks to its chic credentials.

Just because the Mii is very affordable and compact doesn’t mean the interior is bland and low-quality.

It’s very smartly designed to be spacious and sturdy, feeling like a much bigger and more expensive car when you sit in it. 

Inside, SEAT has always been forward-thinking in design. It’s almost space-themed, with very modern and minimalist tones.

The manufacturer has updated the Mii’s interior over the years, with 2018 being the most recent refresh.  

The dash is well laid-out, with funky air vents, and multi-toned colours. There’s something about it that makes you feel like you’re in an Architectural Digest marble Scandi kitchen – in a very good way.

And it’s well-stocked too, featuring DAB radio with an SD card, USB ports, aux connection, a six-speaker system for those bangin’ tunes, and a five-inch media screen.  

A quirk of the Mii is that you have to use your phone as the infotainment screen – there’s a cradle to mount it on, and you can hook up to the SEAT Connect app to get driver info and your parking positions, as well as remote climate control. 

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are both available via USB too. 

The fashion collaborations have also influenced the interior textiles and styles, with many of the trims coming with cool (and very comfortable) seats with stitching details and multiple colourways.  

It’s almost space-themed, with very modern and minimalist tones


It’s a three-door city car, so you could be accused of great expectations if you’re dreaming of the space of a large SUV.

However, as we’ve already said, the Mii’s clever design really utilises every inch of space possible.

Storage space-wise, the Mii comes with useful door bins for water bottles, wallets, beanies, and a glovebox that easily fits passports, snacks and a good book. 

It’s practical for a small car. Four adults fit comfortably inside, but that, of course, comes with the disadvantage of not having a third seat in the back.

Rivals like the Hyundai i10 and the Suzuki Celerio have three seats.

Bootspace is 251 litres, which easily fits a family weekly shop, and you get an extra 700 litres if you flip the back seats down. 

The SEAT Mii electric has five doors, so if you want it to be a bit easier to get into, or more appropriate for adults than kids, electric is your best bet.

In general, the Mii is a great car for a fuel-efficient school run. If you do want a bit of extra room to play with, then we’d recommend popping a roof box on top. 

Running costs and reliability

For the best mpg figures and the smallest hole in your wallet, the Ecomotive variants can manage around 68.9mpg.

Even the thirstiest 74hp engine promises 60.1mpg – this is good going for daily driving!


Road Tax-wise, you’re likely paying £165 a year for cars registered from 2017 onwards. 

The electric Mii has a 61kW motor with 161 miles of claimed range and no tailpipe emissions.

The battery charges in just an hour for a rapid charger, and four hours for a wallbox home charger. This makes topping up on charge a doddle.

The electric Mii is slightly more expensive to insure than the petrol Mii but the benefits of owning an EV might very well balance out. 

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Perfect for

City driving



The SEAT Mii is a joy to drive around town as well as down country lanes.

It’s so enjoyable that you would forgive it for being ugly, impractical or expensive to run, but you don't have to – it’s absolutely none of those things.

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