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SEAT Mo review

SEAT has brought a second electric vehicle to market, but this time it’s got two wheels rather than four. cinch went to check out the new Mo to gauge how this quirky, futuristic and nippy electric moped fairs in the real world. Safe to say it’s a (silent) little pocket rocket…

SEAT's first venture into the EV world was with a car called the Mii. This diddy city car sold out before the brand pulled the plug on production in 2021. But the Spanish manufacturer has returned to the battery-powered world with something smaller than even that little Mii. And it's rather good.

By George Boulton


The Mo looks modern thanks to its covered rear-wheel and subtle bodywork. It's simple, but quirky, with a battery-pack sporting a red circle that's mirrored on the other side. The Mo turns heads, and it's for good reason.

seat mo rear

What's it like to drive?

When you switch on the Mo (with a press of the Mode button as you squeeze the left brake), you can choose to ride in three modes: Eco, City and Sport. Eco restricts the speed to 45mph, which is plenty for urban driving and is the most efficient option. While City gives you a bit of extra oomph and has a max speed of 55mph. Sport, on the other hand, takes off the shackles and is noticeably quicker from a standing start, and ups the top speed to 59mph. Plus, a really handy feature is the reverse gear, which saves you wasting the time and energy of pushing your scooter backwards. Also, due to the scooter being almost silent, the Mo makes a light beeping sound when you indicate and reverse, to notify anybody passing by. seat mo

Sport, on the other hand, takes off the shackles


Well, this is awks. There is no interior. Obviously. But the Mo's dash is at least good enough for a few words.

There's a digital screen, which clearly displays your remaining battery in percent, while your speed is illustrated just as well. You can also see whether energy is being used or recuperated by the regenerative tech, which is fun.


As well as having a sleek design, the Mo is brilliantly practical despite being a normal-sized moped. There’s loads of under-seat storage (39-litres) which is enough to fit two helmets – saving you lugging them around when you’re out and about. Plus, there’s a mobile phone holder and USB charging port which is super convenient.

There’s loads of under-seat storage

Reliability and running costs

While it's too early to talk about reliability with this brand new moped, we can talk energy and range.

The 7kW battery delivers an impressive claimed 85 miles of range, which is plenty considering the Mo is intended for urban transport. And while you’re nipping around the city, you can feel satisfied you’re not pumping out any toxic fumes. It's about as eco as private transport gets.

A cool feature and our favourite quirk of the MO is its removable battery pack. It can be wheeled away like a mini suitcase, albeit one that weighs about 40kg, so no staircases, please. If you have access to a ground-floor three-pin plug or, if you're in a flat, a lift to take you up to your apartment, this is a handy way to charge the Mo's battery. But it can also be charged while it’s still in the scooter, so long as you can wheel the moped close to a three-pin wall-plug.

SEAT claims that it will take between 6-8 hours to charge up a totally dead battery to 100% using a traditional three-pin plug. This means you can take advantage of lower-price night-time energy rates.

seat mo display

What we love

Costing from £5,800, the Mo isn’t cheap by moped standard, but it makes sense and we think it’s a great choice for anyone who rides a moped on a day-to-day basis, or for those looking for a clean way to beat the traffic. And avoid the shock of petrol station prices...

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We love the sleek design and unassuming nature of this e-moped. Things like the reverse gear and removable battery are useful quirks, but what has us most smitten is the Mo's quick off-the-line performance.

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