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Used SEAT Mii review

Somehow-presumably with magic-SEAT managed to turn its ultra-simple little car the Mii, into a tiny gem of joy. This minute city car is so boundlessly cheerful as it dashes around making funny noises, that you’ll be disappointed it isn't even smaller so you can invite it into your house and keepas a pet.


With its tall sides and squared-off back, the SEAT Mii is almost a caricature of a small car – it’s super cute. Its darling proportions are exaggerated by its wheels, squeezed right into all corners of its body.  

The 3-door version of the Mii, equipped with bigger alloys, looks the chunkiest of the range, and therefore the most adorable.  

No matter which Mii you go for, you still get one with a cheeky face. The Mii has an upturned grille that gives it an awkward smile, and with a big central SEAT badge that gleams like a solitary tooth, its juvenile looks will melt your heart.  

With its tall sides and squared-off back, the SEAT Mii is almost a caricature of a small car.

What’s it like to drive?

The SEAT Mii does something special. You want to keep weaving it through back lanes, buzzing across roundabouts and scurrying around town.  

It doesn’t achieve this feat in the usual way – it certainly doesn’t have the power of a fancy performance car – but has a verve and cheerfulness that makes it a delight to operate. 

As you’re scurrying around, the Mii’s little engine grumbles and huffs away ahead of you. Its mighty efforts are worth it, the car feels nimble and responsive.  

It doesn’t particularly suit motorways. It’s so terrific around town and adept on country roads that its long-journey behaviour doesn’t seem important. 

The SEAT Mii does something special.


There’s not a lot to the SEAT Mii, not inside anyway. There’s not much more than a basic radio for entertainment and the doors aren’t fully covered, with big chunks of painted metal still visible. This sparsity has one big advantage - with nothing much to fill the interior it feels big and airy. The tall glass helps create this sense of space, with the added bonus of excellent visibility.  

It’s not all utilitarian. All the aspects you interact with while driving feel as though they have come from a bigger, more expensive SEAT. The steering wheel, gear stick and pedals all feel like they are good quality sturdy items. The only real letdown is the seats – they’re flat and not very supportive with only the bare minimum of adjustment. Not ideal for long journeys, though comfortable enough for short trips.  

Rather than integrating an expensive complicated screen with a jazzy sat-nav and music player into the Mii’s dash, SEAT has been exceedingly smart and, atop the dash, there’s a cradle that holds your own expensive complicated screen with a jazzy sat-nav and music player - your smartphone. 


At first glance, the SEAT Mii’s boot looks disappointingly tiny – even for a car with its diminutive proportions. It’s big enough for a weekly shop, just. You’d struggle to squeeze in a pushchair or anything bigger than hand luggage.  

Then you find that the boot floor can be removed and, although this sacrifices an easy to access level load area, you gain a deep cavernous space for a stack of suitcases. Fold the seats down, too, and you end up with a very generous space. 

There are a couple of versions of the SEAT Mii - a 3- and 5-door model. Of course, the more-door version is the more practical, making it far easier for rear passengers to clamber in and out. Even with proper doors at the back, rear passengers don’t get fully functioning windows, just simple pop-out items. 

Running costs and reliability

It might be small and basic but SEAT has built the Mii to exceedingly high standards. The engine is strong and durable, and unreliability isn’t an issue from bonnet to boot. It’s also been designed to be easy and affordable to run. Its simplicity helps the Mii to be exceptionally frugal – you can expect it to return over 60mpg. It’s also cheap to tax, insure and service.  

What cinch loves

The only real downside to the Mii is that, even though it’s larger than you expect for such a small car, it still isn’t very big. If you don’t need space for a large family or this is your first car, you can revel in the SEAT Mii’s jovial drive and exceptional economy.

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Tiny, affordable cars just shouldn’t be as fun as the SEAT Mii – it’s a joy to thread around towns and hilarious to pedal along country lanes. It’s so enjoyable that you could forgive it for being ugly, impractical or expensive to run, but it’s absolutely none of those things. It’s simply fantastic.

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