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blue mercedes glc coupe

Mercedes GLC Coupe review

Take Mercedes’ high-quality mid-range SUV, add some sporty styling and tweaks, plus a few pounds on the price tag, and you get the GLC Coupe. It’s comfortable, beautifully built and with a premium interior. The Coupe looks more exciting and distinctive than its standard sibling – although you trade internal space for that fastback roofline. Is that a sacrifice you’re willing to make? 



The Coupe is the sporty version of the five-door mid-range Mercedes GLC SUV. The big change is the sloping rear roofline to give it a more racy and less boxy stance. 

Both cars are based on the very smart Mercedes C-Class saloon. They share some underpinnings but in fact, the Coupe is lower, longer and wider than the standard GLC. 

Bigger alloy wheels appear on higher-spec versions, as well as sportier trim details like a diamond-patterned grille that distinguish the more fire-breathing petrol versions too. Other exterior options include privacy glass, exterior running boards and LED headlamps. 

blue mercedes glc coupe

The big change is the sloping rear roof-line to give it a more racy and less boxy stance. 

What’s it like to drive?

All Mercedes GLC Coupes are smooth and refined to drive. Their driving character offers more of a swift grand touring experience than being a nippy point-to-point street racer. The engines are powerful and refined, and some are very rapid. 

Sportier versions can come with a firmer suspension system. Others can be specified with a sophisticated adaptable air suspension for a cushioned ride. All models have good cornering without being in the hot hatch or full sports car league.

The choice of engines is a little confusing with similar units available tuned to produce different power ratings. These changed with the 2020 make-over. Check the model specs to see which one you’re looking at. Whatever you have, it’s always composed and comfortable. 

blue mercedes glc coupe side

All Mercedes GLC Coupes are smooth and refined to drive.


Mercedes cars have some of the best interiors and the GLC is a great example. The Coupe shares the more upright sibling’s interior design. It feels like a durable, premium cabin. Switches click positively and surfaces feel plush and finely finished.

It’s roomy in the front. Two adults can be comfortable in the back. It’s a bit more cramped if they’re tall or you try to fit a third passenger in the rear.

After five years on sale, all GLC models had a minor refresh in 2020 that updated the cabin technology. The big change was a new 10-inch touchscreen display at the centre of the leather-trimmed dashboard. The driver can have digital instruments and displays in front of the flat-bottomed steering wheel too. This wheel is now jammed with fingertip controls for infotainment and cruise control to save you from taking your eyes off the road.

mercedes glc coupe interior

Alongside the impressive front sports seats, multiple powered adjustments arranged on the door panel make it easy for drivers to find the perfect seating position. Standard luxuries include automatic wipers, climate control and a reversing camera, which is very handy with the restricted vision caused by the Coupe tail.

High-end extras are available including wireless charging systems, superior stereos and panoramic glass sunroofs.


Like every Coupe in the world, the GLC makes a compromise. Compared to the normal GLC, the sleek, downward-sloping rear roofline gives it a more inspiring look – but robs rear-seat occupants of head and leg room and reduces the size of the boot. 

It’s not a bad space though, offering a good average hatchback boot accessed by a big, high tailgate. 

Flatten the split back seats and there’s an impressive load space on offer. As an up-market range, expect plenty of optional extras. Some models may have very handy features fitted like 360-degree camera systems for bump-free parking and a keyless system for convenient starts.

blue mercedes glc coupe

Running costs and reliability

The GLC Coupe has a complex array of diesel, petrol and hybrid engines with various fuel figures. It’s not a notably economical range. The best is a basic diesel with official figures of 57mpg but other diesels and even more recent versions of the same engine have lower figures so check first.  

Petrol models are faster but thirstier with combined fuel figures in the low 20s. Tax, insurance and maintenance will be above average. 

Mercedes’ reputation for reliability is surprisingly below average but the GLC models appear to be better than most of the brand’s offerings. 

What we love

The GLC Coupe offers a blend of prestige, performance and practicality. It’s a comfortable and sporty five-door SUV crossover wearing the all-important Mercedes badge. All the engines are powerful and refined. Diesels are thrifty, petrol more rapid and hybrid versions offer reduced emissions. The GLC range always has a premium interior and standard hatchback versatility – the Coupe adds style to the package.  

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The Mercedes GLC Coupe is a premium sporty crossover. If you can afford the running costs it is swift and comfortable to drive, looks exciting and prestigious, and has a well-equipped, up-market interior. The Coupe has all the versatility of a five-door hatchback.

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