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silver range rover sport

Range Rover Sport review

The clue is in the name. The Land Rover Range Rover Sport is indeed the sportiest car in the range. It’s almost as luxurious and able to tackle off-road adventures as the big daddy Range Rover. Yet, it also adds agility and fun on the road to the package, where most of us actually spend our time.


The Range Rover Sport is an assertive-looking machine – it’d be the bad guy in a new Cars movie, if there was one. It has that signature Range Rover styling, yet is a little squatter.  

It definitely lives up to its name when it comes to a sporty stance. Its sloping roofline lends it an almost coupe-like look, which is enhanced by the heavily tinted rear windows. Riding high - not too high - on sizeable alloy wheels the Sport makes quite a statement on the road. Proudly wearing both Land Rover and Range Rover badges, it also tells the world that it doesn’t need to be constrained by tarmac and could go literally anywhere on the planet.  

white range rover sport

The Land Rover Range Rover Sport is an assertive looking machine

What’s it like to drive?

In order to live up to its name, the Sport has been designed to be the most driver-focused car in the range. It drives in a way that belies its size, with responsive steering, prodigious grip and impressive straight-line speed. Most impressively it does all this whilst maintaining an air of refinement.  

That’s largely down to the car’s standard air suspension, which really soaks up the bumps and keeps the Sport level when you’re tackling a series of bends on a B-road. The driving position is lower than you’ll find in the larger Range Rover, which helps you feel more connected to the road, yet still provides an unobstructed view.  

Diesel, hybrid and even supercharged petrol engines are all available, depending on whether you prioritise performance or fuel efficiency and all are smooth and eager. Fitted with Land Rover’s clever Terrain Response system, the Sport can also climb mountains, cross deserts or frozen wastes with ease. We’re not sure when you’ll be navigating these but it’s good to know!  

silver range rover sport side desert

The Sport can also climb mountains, cross deserts or frozen wastes with ease.


The Sport is every inch of a luxury car. Climb aboard and you’ll be enveloped in high-quality leather, aluminium and soft-touch plastics. We’ve already noted that you sit lower inside than the larger Range Rover model, and you’ll also find there’s more of a cockpit feel to the driving environment with a big centre console that gives the driver their own special space without isolating other occupants. The front seats are wonderfully supportive and rear-seat passengers will enjoy an impressive amount of space.  

Three adults can comfortably side side-by-side in the back thanks to the car’s width, while a flat floor means the person in the middle seat doesn’t have their legroom compromised. Despite that sporty sloping roofline, there’s plenty of headroom for all. Interior storage space is generous with a glovebox big enough for your winter gloves, a box under the centre armrest that will take a 1.5-litre bottle of water and door bins that would swallow the same. You’ll never go thirsty in here.  

Two central screens take care of infotainment and other systems, and you can easily connect your phone using Android Auto or Apple Carplay. Look out for three-zone climate control, a panoramic roof, adaptive cruise control and a powerful Meridian stereo as extras. All cars come with parking sensors and cameras, automatic lights, heated seats and Bluetooth connectivity. 

range rover sport interior


You won’t want for luggage space in the Sport. The boot is larger than the Porsche Cayenne Coupe, Audi Q8 and BMW X6, and will easily hold five suitcases – one each for every passenger.  

The seven-seat option is available, which magically produces a couple of small rear seats from the boot floor at the touch of a button. They’re no less beautifully made than the other seats, though really only suitable for small children.  

Running costs and reliability

If running costs are a concern then the plug-in hybrid Sport P400e may well be the best bet. It will travel 26 miles on e-power, which gives the promise of overall fuel consumption of 86.4 mpg. The next best bet would be the D300 diesel which can sip fuel at a rate of 33.8mpg.  

Opt for the supercharged V8 version and you’ll be flying down the road, visiting the pumps considerably more often and struggling to improve on 20mpg.  

What we love

 The Sport is the most road-focused Range Rover, yet it will still take you into the wilderness if you wish. It’s extremely refined and comfortable, has an impeccable, high-quality interior and is a relaxing, enjoyable drive in all conditions. 

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The Land Rover Range Rover Sport is the ultimate all-roader. It combines great on-road performance, handling and refinement with supreme off-road prowess. You can travel in style and with confidence wherever the road or trail takes you.

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